"White Whale" in St. Wolfgang at Wolfgang Lake

  05-16: KM 10.000: battery II (for the living space) boiling

The Look of Love

SPIEGEL online: In- oder De-flation?

"White Whale" at Wolfgang Lake - Austria

A Salamander on my mountain walk

Last week end:
Sunshine over Munich

There is a mystical connection with my woman and me, but a mystical disconnection with most people and me. My woman sells asparagus in Munich at home. My work is finished Wednesday afternoon. Thursday is holyday: Father’s day and everybody is broken. From my job to Bad Endorf and to Bad Reichenhall is a short voyage. Two hours drive more and “White Whale” stands on a Camping Place at Wolfgang Lake. This is a simple, silent place at the dead end of the road around this marvellous lake in the mountains.

Last week end the sun was shining on my Mimamai and me continuously. We celebrated “Mother’s Day” downtown in Munich, remembering my Daughter Angel at Munich Graveyard near home. This week end the rain hardly stops falling. The mountains are burdened by heavy grey rain clouds. The gas oven warms up the “White Whale”, to enjoy my little netbook with electricity from Camping Places in Bad Reichenhall and in Ried, next village after St. Wolfgang.

My Mimamai gets my SMS during her work on her cell phone: “just walking in the mountain rain.”  She answers: “You will meet a Salamander.” And before getting her SMS this cute animal crossed my way. This is felt as mystical connection to my woman.

Remembering my
Daughter Angel

Walk in the forest

Cold bath in Thumsee (Bad Reichenhall)

Camping Bad Reichenhall next to thermal bath 13 Euros/night with electricity

Luxurious life: DB-TV on my netbook

Bad Reichenhall: spa salty thermal water

Fountain in Spa Parc Bad Reichenhall

Martial Art: Bavarian Beer Advertising

Bad Reichenhall: Spa recreation hall

Booking excursion

St. Wolfgang

St. Wolfgang

St. Wolfgang Lake

View from the old Church

Pool over the lake