Mother's hardest days ....

Who are you? “ Mother sleeps softly snoring. Her body has lost weight. She sips since several days only spoons full of something like water, juice, tea. She eats nearly nothing. Since three days she was in her bed, dreaming, sleeping, breathing.

We sit at her bed and hold her hands. We feel the bones in her hand covered with thin skin. We enter her room, sit at her bed. She opens big blue eyes in her skinny face and asks: „Who are you? “

We care for her. After three days mothers wants to leave her room The nurse helps us, to bring old Mom out of her bed. It is painful for her to sit in the wheel chair. We walk 20 minutes in the spring sun.

Mother laments with some sort of cat's cries about her hurting body. It is hard for her to sit. She can’t move without help. She has no eyes, no ears, no feelings anymore for the warm sun, the colourful flowers, the singing birds. Her body is such a burden, that there seems no more joy left for life. Death is knocking at her doors. But her breath still keeps this entrance to exit closed.

Mother 04-04-2010

We walk 20 minutes in the spring sun.


We live in powerful peace, my woman Mimamai with me and most people around. We cross our homeland in growing spring after a cruel cold, hard, long dark winter. My mother lives in Dortmund, where her younger son, my brother Ulrich cares for her much more than we can do from Munich eight hours drive far away.

We cross the country from South to North in our comfortable new motor home, “White Whale”. The motor home rolls on a modern Volkswagen truck, called “Crafter”. Around 12 litre Diesel for 100 Kilometres move the 3.5 tons truck quicker than heavy loaded trucks over the highway.

We leave Munich on Thursday after my job, drive several hours and sleep near Frankfurt. Next day we visit the factory, where engines are built to move tables up and down. Two of these engines move our bed in the car up and down. The engineer demonstrates how to move our bed in the car up and down and sells us the equipment for this. At the afternoon we reach Dortmund and visit our old mom.

We stand five minutes walk away from my brother’s house in a park area with around 15 other motor homes. We buy electricity in coins of 50 Cents. My netbook, the fridge, the fan of the gas heater and more than 10 lamps in our rolling home provide an atmosphere of luxury.

We sleep four nights in Dortmund. Birds start the day with her songs. The moon still shines with his half full face through some white clouds in the window. Five minutes walk away we use a comfortable bath with salty water. Each Saturday evening people are swimming and moving naked. Young and old couples like Mimamai with me play in the warm water. Most naked people are hungry for something and watch each other.

Brother's Garden is his realm of fantasy


The industrial area “Ruhrgebiet” is "world cultural capital 2010". We visit two attractions: A coal mine called “Zollhaus” and an ancient “ship elevator” Henrichenburg-

Museum in Zeche "Zollhaus"

Museum coal mine "Zollhaus"


Ship elevator "Henrichenburg"

Ship eleavator "Henrichenburg"


gear wheel drive for  ship elevator Henrichenburg

Administration Coal Mine "Zollhaus"


Mother’s sister is only three years younger. We visit her on our way to the Northern Sea. Her health is in much better condition. There is no way, to understand God’s plan with our life!

Mother's three years younger sister

There is no way, to understand God’s plan with our life!

An evening at the Northern Sea Bath Dangast


Etta von Dangast in Varel harbour

Mima and Otto, father of my friend Ute


Old Borgward Truck from 1959

The 5th day of our journey we reach the Northern Sea at Dangast. We celebrate two sunny days, visit the father of my friend Ute, watch ships, people and cars.


russian submarine


Windmill in Varel

Castle in Jever

1000 Kilometers from Munich: Wangerland - Hooksiel

* Wet Excavation Project * Marriage on bord * Sea Funeral

Mima in the Wadden Sea

On the ground of the Northern Sea:
World Cultural Heritage Wattenmeer

Last day of our journey: little village Baunach near Bamberg

Kramer Tractor 1960
in Baunach

Munich musician Mito,
living in this circus trailer