62 Years Tonight

The "White Whale" after his way to work

remembering women in love

It's Valentine day. These hours in the night are best, to remember all my years passing by. Too much quarrels, too much anguish happened inside. Slowly everything fades away, young years, desires, quarrels and anguish. Sleeplessness remains. Itís time for more peace, inside outside.

Since four weeks we drive now our new car, the "White Whale". We sleep the eighth night inside the car. Again it is an ice cold winter week end with minus 15 degrees Celsius. The splendid isolation keeps us warm inside the car. Easy we warm up our rolling home to more than 20 degree Celsius. The 4000 Watt gas oven manages with soft ventilator sound more than 40 degrees difference between inside and outside. This fact is felt as 'splendid isolation'.

The eigth night in "White Whale" in Bad Bayersoien

Bavaria is beautiful. In Munich shines no sun for nearly two weeks now in January. But only 80 Kilometers from home like a shy star the sun fights with the clouds. And finally the sun shines in the window, where we enjoy our meal in the 'White Whale'. We eat, we sleep, we have coffee and drive ski again. It is a simple, little hill, where we exercise on ski for 9 Euros from 11.00 a.m. till 5.30 p.m. This place is the 'Bromberg Alpe'.

We find in our Camping Guide a place to sleep only 13 Kilometers away: Bad Bayersoien. There we can stand in a silent place with four other motor homes, connected to electricity for one Euro for 2000 Watt hours. The price to stay a night is 9 Euro, but we don't have so many coins to feed the machine.

Ski in the sun at Bromberg Alpe

Preparing for the Birthday Party in Bad Bayernsoien

Rescue Ring
at Bad Bayersoien

The Table is prepared
for Birthday Dinner

A calm place in Bad Bayersoien
reserved for motor homes

The little street in Bad Bayersoiern is limited to a height of 2,70 Meters only. 'White Whale' is 20 Centimeters higher. So we have to drive nearly 30 Kilometers till we reach our place for the night in Bad Bayersoiern.

This little village attracts tourists with a 'Parc Hotel' plus public sauna bath, several restaurants more and cheaper places to sleep. There is a lake in Bad Bayersoien and ski and summer villages are nearby: Oberammergau, Murnau and Garmisch Partenkirchen.

It is my way, to celebrate 'splendid isolation' in this beautiful country in our warm 'White Whale'. The trees are loaded with thick clothes of snow. Wild animals have left their traces in the virgin like snow. The village street in Bad Bayersoien is covered with snow. It's the best way, to start my next year: number 63.

In my 63rd year searching myself in isolation

Chetan with self constructed contamination meter
before one of his paintings at his "Aquarius Birthday"

Mimamai in our kitchen prepares
for 15 guests
our Birthday Party


My Uncle's coffin: Friday 12th February
2. August 1916 - 7. February 2010

truck trailer for 4-wheel-trucks

weary wimter