Shelter in Love, Shelter in God

GOD sends light in my hard heart - here in Croatia 2009
One online friend, baptized by Bhagwan with the name „Anand Nirguna“, insulted by my mockery as „Ayatollah Nasandhas send in the German Group „Osho-Munich“ a very significant mail: “Christian Meditation”. This mail is linked to a web site with pictures from the Cathedral in the German town Paderborn, where a catholic Bishop works and worships in this dome. From the Christian Mystic “Master Eckehart” (1260 – 1328) this site quotes touching sentences. This site makes serious attempts to get back share in the market of “esoteric education”. Not long ago my mind preferred more mockery like “esoteric entertainment” or worse “spitshituality”. Life finally has changed my view point. Nowadays mind and feeling prefer a more honest, more serious approach to Churches, Temples, Religions, Prayers, Meditation – short to GOD!


A christian Deacon creates this site.

Though my father has educated his four sons in a more martial anti-religious way, my heart feels touched by celestial sounds from choral singing in ceremonial churches. In my school years 1965 the books of Gurdjieff and his disciple Ouspenky have influenced me much more than everything else. As student 1967 my first religious pilgrimage only mocked about the ceremony, the Dalai Lama on one of his first visits to Germany performed with his people. This happened in a Buddhist monastery near Aachen.

But in many more pilgrimages my efforts tried in every way to deepen my understanding and my heart connection to Masters with teachings in meditation and group experiences. After an initiation in the exercises of Maharesh Mahesh Meditation in Chennai in India 1976 for years my body tried to peace my mind in the ancient art: “sitting silently, doing nothing, watching my breath going in and out.”

My memory has stored another pilgrimage before the birth of my daughter 1978 to Jiddu Krishnamurti in the Swiss Village Saanen. My next pilgrimages brought me to Bhagwan in Poona 1980/81 and to Rajneeshpuram in the U.S.A. 1983, to Ponnjaji in Lucknow 1993 and back to Poona again 1996. In many, many hours travelling teachers in Munich like Isaac Shapiro, Mikaire, Tyohar, Ole Nydal found my attention and admiration.

At the Poonjaji Ashram in Lucknow (India) 1993

Demonstration of Sikh Religion in Munich October 2009

Thai Temple Ceremony in Munich Westpark

Temple feelings are mirrored in the water of life.... Munich West Parc 10-24-2009

Short sum: Efforts in most affairs try to make people happy - in cults and religions as well.