Older and Colder

Three months from now my age is 62. Strange changes happen. The desire for body love with women fades away. My Mimamai cares, cleans, washes, kisses, caresses - more than enough. Our relationship supports us, our home our two cars . What more is needed?

Joyful journeys come in my dreams. In dark Munich November fantasies fade away in paradise countries in far away regions. More important HERE-&-NOW is delicious daily food, an emotional entertaining adventure in the TV at night and peace in heart and home! What more is needed?

Running rains entertain my boring office hours at my desktop in front of my window. Bottles of clear fountain water our boss gives for free. A game, called Tetris, with falling figures, some news online from the web, a glimpse in the newspaper, some signs of friends tame the slow crawling serpent of time. Most friends are gone and will not send any life sign again. It’s a pity and a fact too. But: What more is needed?

Best friends are dead, new friends hardly come. Staying alone is not that bad. As long money and health cause no troubles, cause no pain, life looks quite easy. What more is needed?

Once was in our group Thomas from Hamburg a friend. Thomas was very busy to preach and to teach. Thomas stands arduous attacks but is helpless under pressure of a  woman, This chapter “Thomas” is closed. Nearly hundred pages of our last five years are deleted with many pictures and stories of his life experiences. Around 10 MByte of my web space is free again. So tired of  Thomas, tired of  James Wyly, tired and wasted…. but still presents reward myself with lust for life: A new TV, a box with six bottles of costly red wine from Southern France, sip by sip celebrated in the comfortable chair in front of my new TV. What more is needed?

It is in Germany like in the U.S.: Many people lost their job and income. A huge department store chain “Quelle” is broke, ten, twenty thousands have lost their jobs, some had for decades. G.M. in the USA fights for the factories of OPEL in Europe. But some people pest in public: “Who needs a OPEL?”

One week from now my woman Mimamai drives 250 Kilometers north in the marvelous town Bamberg. There she sells like all the years before her Christmas Market items: “light and toys”. She produces at home her last candles. Again five hard weeks we fight all alone for our little life, her simple sales in her market hut, my hours at the desk as editor. What more is needed?

Yes, it comes in my mind, which we need badly: We need to be left alone by people, we don’t like. So it’s a good experience for me to leave people alone, who don’t share and don’t care. Better then political connections only are no connections at all.

My experience in years of yelling and yawning: It’s better to be silent then trying to teach, what is not even understood in me.

2009: Chapter "Thomas"
is closed

2009: Klaus drives 12.000 Miles
in USA

Klaus from his travel-blog: 5th November 2009

....some signs of friends tame the slow crawling serpent of time....
(here from Nirguna in yahoogroup: osho-munich)

2009: My first TV: Sharp Aquos LC26D-44E