Alpes Valley: Navis and Schmirrn

Schmirrn-Valley: The roof of the house are wooden planks.
Mima's VW Transporter, our 'Sea Cow' is standing in the Alpes, a lonely valley north from the Brenner: 'Schmirrn' is the name of this valley, next valley southern from the Navis valley.

The sun just has sent her last warming rails on the white top of the mountains around. The height here is around 1500 meters above sea level. The temperature falls immediately closed to zero Celsius. The night will be freezing.

The car just stands beside the street. But the valley is so poor, so lonely, that no traffic noise disturbs the sound of the mountains. When the fan of the gas oven shuts off, the mountain river just next to the car murmurs his song.

To be all alone in this realm of fantasy in the Alpes realiy helps healing my tense, sensitive nerves. Only cosy calls to my woman Mimamai in Munich still connect with my beloved.

The frosty night comes

When our n0by group gathering started, my vision felt connecting friends closer and more caring from all over the world. This hope failed.

This sharing about my little outdoor excursions in my weekends and our holy days should be attractive to read. Pictures should demonstrate the beauty of our Mother Earth. This simple and ordinary life with some sip of red wine, sparkling stars in the cold blue mountain night sky, simple food pasta with tomatoes and fish from a can, this simple and ordinary life is so fulfilling. It doesn't need much, to feel rich all alone and sheltered by my woman at home.

She is selling asparagus in her wooden hut by the side of the street. She loves to work, to cook, to clean, to care. She is not this type of intellectual web writer or web reader. She prefers to work with her hands, to care for herself like for others. Nevertheless she is my guide, my teacher, my motherly caretaker, who deserves all my respect and honor and love, what possible to give.

But these weekends come: A longing arises to be all alone. These poor and lonely Alpes valley don't provide any public web connections. The capital of Tyrol, Innsbruck, has this advantage. In these Tyrol Alpes valleys is nothing but peace and this entertainment to write some lovely reports about these silent walking hours in the sun.

Navis - Valley, Saturday 26th April

Another entertainment is "TV for poor": radio. The short wave broadcasts "German Wave" here in Europe on 6075 kHz. This connection starts, when the night comes.

The news report quarrels worldwide plus ‘Swine Flu’. The e-groups report quarrels between lovers, haters, fighters. It looks like the same game since centuries, since ever and everywhere.

For me the wise ones like Osho, Jesus and Socrates have finished these quarrels outside and did not care anymore to be right! Right! Right! Let the fools keep on gambling to be right! Right! Right!

Wise ones like Osho, Jesus, Socrates simply are ready to die in a fools world, where nobody changes, nobody is ready to admit how stupid all life has been, nobody is ready to apologize for foolishness. Time to say 'Good Night', time to close this chapter.

Bavarian lake 'Walchensee' - Sunday 26th April


4wheel drive with chains

1wheel drive with hands