Mima's Christmas Market 2009

fights against depressive November Mood

Repair of the old trailer for Technical Inspection Authority by Klaus' friend for 50 Euro only

The trailer loaded with the Market Hut plus first Bus Load for the Market

Mimamai - my working class hero

five weeks
12 hours daily work
in her little market hut

Mima's Market: But Sun shines seldom like on this Saturday morning 11.28.2009

All people pass this cross on the bridge
in Bamberg to the Old Capital Hall

This Cross shines golden
in the rare November Sunday sun in a little village.

Work for Mima's Market Sunday 11-29-2009

Swiss votes on Sunday 11-29-2009 against buildings of Muslim Minaretts


"God Greetings"
on a door
to a Shop in Bamberg

Litte Village Pottenstein
in depressive November Mood Sunday 29-11-2009

"Loved but lonely",
November title of a Satiric Magazin