Age of Aquarius

English is my second language. So it’s a bit difficult not only to collect thoughts, but second to order my thoughts and third to express myself. Strange thoughts are hunting me about the fight of two opposite elements: fire and water.

Water was since decades a symbol for life, a symbol for the “blood of our Earth”. Towns are built since Middle Age next to rivers. The bigger the river the richer became the town. Water is more important to feed ourselves than all other food. Human bodies contain a big part of water, living water and water alive. Water was always used for rituals. Therefore water was under control of monks, priests and powerful people. Water was the basics for beer, more healthy in the Middle Ages than the contaminated water in the big cities.

Water today is so costly, that we have to expect wars for water. Without water grass, grain and plants can’t grow anymore. Animals and people start starving. Without water firestorms have to be faced like in Australia now, like in Greece or California last year. Water supply is going back in India, in China, Middle East and Spain too. The population plus industry uses more water than nature gives back. The fires last years demonstrate how the climate changes.

From a mystical approach the fight between fire and water symbolizes the growing conflicts between people, old and young ones, rich and poor ones, the conflicts between men and animals, conflicts between female and male energies inside, conflicts between “us and them”, conflicts between East and West, North and South etc.

Water gave and gives always a quality of peace. Water relaxes our energies getting hot and hotter by tough tendencies inside, by reading news, by relating with people, by doing our work, by paying bills. Water regulates energy, when people swim, lay in a bath tub. Water has healing energies versus the fire of quarrels. A symbol for Christians is the fish swimming in the waters of life.

Great fire storms are like writing on the wall to change, "yes we can", and change has to come. The fire storms in German Cities like Dresden, Hamburg and hundred others, the fire storm in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have announced the end of the Second World War.

From a mystical point of view we should all be highly alarmed about these fires in Australia now.

It doesn’t matter, who reads these thoughts. But it is important for the author and the reader to watch in a more and more relaxed mood these energies fighting: water versus fire in- and outside. Staying balanced in these fighting times of troubles even loss can’t disturb the inner focus much.

To remind myself like others on this mechanism these thoughts could help.