All Wheel, All Adventure, All Friends


Besides all religious or cultural concepts ...

... one seems to be the best:

That concept sounds like my new, maybe last religion:
"All Wheels, all adventures, all friends"

It needs energy and effort to join this party, because you have
to afford costly "hardware" like this MAN-4wheel-truck.

But what a relief to leave people in crowded places!
Outdoor you treat people and Mother Nature as friends.

Your home is everywhere- - even nowhere,
assumed you pay the prize!

This old Mercedes truck isn't so costly
to join the 4wheel-cult.

Even this little Suzuki brings you out of town,
if you're free to drive there

You pee in peace
and you enjoy your

Morning Meditation on a comfortable seat
in the free wide world!

Travelling around you relax with people

cults, concepts and culture

in meditative mood, isn't it?