2. Camp Slapic, Karlovac, Plitvicka Jezera

1. Slowenia: Bled

3. Zadar - Biograd

The problem: Mima's identity card and passport is expired 09.02.2009.
So we are allowed to travel in Croatia. But we can't continue our voyage to other countries.

Camp Slapic is near Duga Ruga,
15 Kilometers from Karlovac.
We swim in the river Mreznicki....

....and enjoy delicious food.

Mreznicki Brig is closed for car traffic.
The bridge isn't very solid.
We watch this big bird fishing.
The water is clean enough to fish and to swim.

Our Sunday excursion starts with Karlovac.
There are many ruins - not only
old houses....

....but this Hotel Koran is a ruin too.

Only some buildings like this big bank in Karlovac looks new and very impressive.

The war museum in Karlovac documents the fights 1991-1994.

This was a bus, told me a war Croatian war veteran.
The bus was armoured like a street building machins too.

Instead of building streets this machin
was armoured for fighting.

On our way to the sea we pass this World Cultural Heritage: Plitvicka Jezera.

Boats bring the tourists over the lake.
The visit to the park is costly: we pay
around 42 Euro - parking included.

When the sun goes down after 8.00 p.m. we arrive at the sea: Razanac, 17 Kilometers north from Zadar.

Monday morning 08-31 we enjoy the sea at Camping Borik, 3 kilometers from Zadar.