Alone on the Amper river and in the Soccer Arena

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Some people are like old trees....

...but very young in the heart.

One call in the morning and hours later my 73 years old friend
Robert is ready for six, seven hours boat trip down the Amper-River.

After hours we rest to swim in the Amper river.

Amper forest next to the river....

... reach with their roots to the water.

Some thoughts on my week end: Hardly a greater contrast is to imagine. On Friday my old friend Robert shares with me a boat trip on the Amper river from Stegen to Fuerstenfeldbruck. For this 17 Kilometres we take our time, have food in a restaurant, swim in the river. So we arrive eights hours later nearly in darkness.

Next day is a Press Conference with a visit of a famous soccer game: Bayern Munich against Werder Bremen. The press people are invited in a V.I.P. Lounge, where all you can eat and drink is free.

It is my first visit in the Munich Soccer Arena. All my being is highly impressed by the emotions in this soccer event! The soccer Arena reminds on a capital church. Flags, music, announcements and the environment influence the emotions. 69.000 people participate in this event on Saturday 15-08. Nearly 100.000 disciples are engaged in the Soccer sects.

all you can eat and drink is free

Some people adore
Soccer Stars like
Holy Priests.

Flags, music, announcements and the environment influence the emotions.

Devotional objects are sold for the "Soccer Sect".

Southern Serpent - Heart and Soul of our Club

Devoted Disciple
waiting for
her Soccer Satsang

The Soccer Goal electrifies the people. It reminds
 like "Holy Ghost" coming to the people in Bible Stories.
Even people like Bhagwan-Gurus, Pop-Stars, Popes or Ayatollahs
 seduce their followers seldom to such an elevating exstasy!