or the guilt and expiation of n0byWithZero


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The accusations are heavy. The accusations depress. The weight is loaded painfully load on the shoulders of  the culprit. Will carry on with these ardous accusations once again? Chase the culprit one time more on his Way of Cross to repent!

On this German e-list the culprit relapsed.

The Court: The location is in the cellar church of  the cosmopolitan city of shame and guilt Munich. The Bhagwan cellar church is decorated with Bhagwan pics and devotional Bhagwan objects.

The President, Prosecutor and Highest Prison Regime: Sw. Nasand Nayatollah.

His assessor: Ma Ave Maria.

His assigned counsel: Ma Shivering Sausagedog

His apparitor: Sw. Premplem Alibaba

A choir of joint plaintiff, these fellows follows the signs of Nasand Nayatollah.

A court reporter: Sw. Carl Juxkopp

International italian court observer: Sw. Allclear

more during the trial  coming "Ghost-Giants" like Sw. Saty-vom-See, the lordly signing Satyananda , the Swiss Ma Anand Sheela represented by Ma Moneymaker

and more the wife and intimate Mimamamamiau of n0byWithZero
 with genies in the bottle like Buddhabhagwan, Sokrates, Jesus-Maria, Mohammed with his sword: "I AM THE TRUTH!"

The culprit: n0byWithZero

and ... will we wait for it!?

The culprit: n0byWithZero

The President Prosecutor Nasand Nayatollah opens the trial: "All stand up to pray for the Eternal Enlightment! PLEASE!"

break.... "you too Premplem Alibaba!"

All stand up with a deep breath. Nasand Nayatollah opens the charge and starts reading the written submission:


 short translation: "is someone able to explain, why in our osho group a chronical, fastistic Osho- and Sannyasbasher is allowed to through around his shit?   ....."

And Nasand Nayatollah ends  a little breathless "You're allowed to take seat now! PLEASE!"

break.... "you too Premplem Alibaba!"

"In this sense a snapish, triple



Nasand Nayatollah aks incentively:

"Who wants to defend this culprit there?"


"So, nobody! Then I declare Ma Shivering Sausagedog  as assigned counsel!"

She answers: "Only when I get dirty work bonus covered by §§ Pipapo 175 Kaka ff...."

"That's ok, and recorded: dirty work bonus for Ma Shivering Sausagedog! The charges of the trial has to pay anyway the culprit!"

Choir of the Joint Plaintiffs  by show of hands of Nasand:

"Listen, listen! Dirty work bonus!
Listen, listen! Dirty work bonus!"

"Listen, listen! Dirty work bonus!
Listen, listen! Dirty work bonus!"

Culprit NobyMitNull pushes a slip of paper to Ma Shivering Sausagedog.

Carl Juxkopp stands up. Nasand Nayatollah nadges to him:

"Court reporter, what do you want again and again?"

"Sir honored President Prosecutor, are we allowed in expectations of the public attention to hope for some humor?"

Sw. Allclear interrupts irritating:

"Yes, more done with Tumor, more done with Tumor, please!"

"Humor,  that is the right word!", corrects Nasand, "Humor!"

"Allclear! More has done with German Furor, with German Furor!"

smirks the interational observer Sw. Allclear

"Come to the point!", Nasand warns Sw. Allclear.

Choir of the Joint Plaintiffs  by show of hands of Nasand:

"Listen, listen! Come to the point!
Listen, listen! Come to the point!"

"Listen, listen! Come to the point!
"Listen, listen! Come to the point!

Nasand to his assigned councel:

"Has the culprit something to bring forward?"

The assigned councel Ma Shivering Sausagedog  babbels a bit puzzled:

"Sir President Prosecutor, I'm afraid to confess: The declaration of the culprit is so silly! I can't read that sh*t."

Nasand demanding:

"You have to read this!"

Assigned councel: "I'm only able to read this with my hat and a false nose."

Nasand smiles slyly:

"OK, we have a good German humor, so you start reading!"

"Sir President Prosecutor, that is so silly and crazy! You better bring the culprit  with mitigating circumstances in Sheela's home for dement doters , instead of reading this sh*....."

"DAMNED!," cries Nasand,

"you finally start reading! For what do you get dirty work bonus!?!"

Apparitor Sw. Premplem Alibaba hurries hasty with his kerchief, to clean up the saliva from the desk of Nasand.

"For what do you get dirty work bonus!?!"

"Then," Ma Shivering Sausagedog starts afflicted, "here on this slip of paper is written, what is the baddest advocay at all! He has written:

"You Sire honored intriguer inquisitor insane there is nothing at all to explain for you, because you Sire honored intriguer inquisitor insane know everything better!"

"What", asks Nasand a bit astonished: "There's nothing more?!" And finally he gets the sense and he screams in clericalism excitation of the President Prosecutor:

"That is totally befuddled! Barefaced! Apparitor Premplem Alibaba you have to ask Sheela, if she will include the culprit in her home of dement doters."

PremPlem Alibaba aks Ma Moneymaker to come in. Ma Moneymaker  shows up full of pride:

"Ma Anand Sheela has to announce, that Buddhabhagwan has thrown out the culprit already the 23. September 1983. When the culprit has burned up all his money and wanted to leave Rajneeshpuram after three monthes of healing in meditations and groups, Buddhabhagwan has eliminated him as antisozial Anti-Sannyasin. Ma Anand Sheela doesn't want to take him back. He is nothing but a troublemaker! It would be much wiser, to close him up in Guantanamo. There are prison places free in the moment.

And by the way: The Copyright to all here shown Bhagwan pictures and -Bibels does NOT belont to the Foundation in New York-Poona but only to Ma Anand Sheela, Mrs. Birnstiel! That is proved by Bhagwan certificate and signature!!

That is totally befuddled!

Nasand Nayatollah: "That doesn't belong here, come to the facts, Mrs. Moneymaker!"

Swami Saty-vom-See sends an e-mail.

"Assigned Councel, you have to read this mail", claims Nasand.

"Here is written: Don't bully and don't let you be misleaded to dance as skinheads the 'Adolf-n0byWithZero'  in combat boots!"

Court assessor Ma Ave Maria howls hysterical higher and higher:

"We don't know not yet each and everything!

But one thing we know for sure:

We don't let contaminate our world wide net!

No! No! No! That we don't let do anybody!

From nothing and from nobody!

And: Without my daily


I can't and don't want survive!"

Court apparitor Premplem Alibaba hurries hasty, to clean up her saliva in front of her desk.

We don't let contaminate our world wide net!

Court reporter Carl Juxkopp chips in with an idea:

"Why can't we let G*D judge the culprit? Can't we choose by random generator a quote of our Master Rajneesh Shree Bhagwan Osho and watch HIM on the video screen?"

"Prima bella, but then we all will have Pizza",

agrees Sw. Allclear. Nasand Nayatolla endorses this proposal with all signs of disgust.

Premplem Alibaba closes the curtains. The computer chooses a Bhagwan quote. The Master shows up on the screen smiling.

Ma Ave Maria moans wishfully: "Ahhhhh..."

"After my death trust the ones, who talk against me, because they have understood my message best."

"BULLSHIT," bullies Nasand, "you have to choose a fitting quote! Who has spoiled that?"

The computer choses a second time:

"My religion will stay for ten thousands years, when you keep my message 100 per tzent golden pure. Be aware, that there will be wolfes always hungry to swallow the silent sheep of my garden, when you don't  protect my people and my religion 100 per tzent pure and powerful."

"My religion will stay for ten thousands years,
when you keep my message 100 per tzent golden pure.

"Lighs on!", bullies Nasand, "that's all: We have to decide the verdict!"

Choir of the Joint Plaintiffs  by show of hands of Nasand:

"Listen, listen! The verdict!
Listen, listen! The verdict!"

Swami Allclear:
"Pizza for all and Buddhabread! First let's eat!"

The cellphone of NobyMitNull rings.

Nasand revolts:

"For what reason the culprit has to use media, to blame and insult innocent people with SPAM and sarcasme? Bring the Cellphone here, immediatly!"

Nasand takes the cellphone and shouts, that all can listen:

"Who is there? Mamamimamai? Who is that? What do you want?

Your lovely, thick, little Walruss should come home? You don't know, who is talking to you?? NO!?! Here is the High Castration Court and I AM the PRESIDENT PROSECUTOR!

What you want? The Walruss should play with someone else!? With me? Are You totally insane! This culprit we will be doomed for ever!"

Nasand hangs up. All start eating Pizza.

...and fart forward...

All start eating Pizza

... and fart forword...

The High Court, that is Nasand, gives advice to himself and declares:

"The culprit N0byWithZero
will be sentenced: Because of his
spiritual poisonous mixed up mind
as Bhagwan well-poisoner
with SPAM, SHIT and  mocker y
the culprit will be under
for now and ever!

He will lose all documents of his
Meditiations- and groups-awards
and has to give back all his
devotional items of the Bhagwan
Copyright Production Corporation!

And more: All Bhagwan believers
have to avoid HIM strictly!
In our closed clerical cirles
the culprit stinks, dirts and disturbs!"

Choir of the Joint Plaintiffs  by show of hands of Nasand:

"Listen, listen! He stinks, dirts and disturbs!
"Listen, listen! He stinks, dirts and disturbs!"

"Listen, listen! He stinks, dirts and disturbs!
"Listen, listen! He stinks, dirts and disturbs!"

NObyWithZero is directed out of the room.

Apparitor Premplem Alibaba cleans hasty his seat.

Court reporter Carl Juxkopp complains:

"It is not so easy, to report on this trial so very much funny ...."

Nasand leaves the room too and claims:

"Carl Juxkopp is sentenced
to clean 50 hours the closets in
our cellar church in
the next half year, because
he violates the High
Castration Court!"

Finished. Amen.

NObyWithZero is directed out of the room.

"STOP! Please stay, an important announcement",

smiles Ma Ave Maria graciously.

"At Tuesday we all meet in Bollywood Bar in Munich Tollwood. To recognize each other as devotional Bhagwan believers, all ladies please show up with false nose and hat, the males please with fresh polished combat boots and skinheads!"

Then her eyes and voice get very serious. Sie shouts excited with red cheek:

"We will mercily smiling pay attention for goodwilling meditators, but the ones, who blame us as rigid religious retarded fundamental fashOSHOs, will we punished by the full fist of Swami Samurai BEATIT!"

STOP! Please stay,
an important announcement!

As long males talk about their machins like cars

or Navi-Systems, about the weather, places or people...

no problem but better STOP!

Don't push the button!

Friday June 26: First your mail has to be allowed by the Group-administrator, ....

Tuesday 23. June: I have blocked the account of Erhard

Without GOD
nothing makes sence

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