2. Wien-Héviz (Hungary)

April, 6th Monday - 7th Tuesday

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For my taste we leave Vienna to early after two nights only, but Mimamai doesn't want to stay longer. At least we visit the Vienna Central Cemetary - a real impressive quite place with few cars only. The Graveyard of the Honoured Ones is filled with more than 1000 celebreties. There are graves of Russian soldiers, an old Juif cemetary and even a Buddhist graveyard. The roof of the giantic chapel "Holy Borrmaeus" is decorated with 2 Kilogramm pure gold. We visit this place in peace with my memories going back to my late beloved daughter Esther.

leaving the exiciting Vienna after two nights only

graveyard of Russian Soldiers and gigantic chapel St. Bartholomeus

Johann Strauss and Brahms

Beethoven - inside the Chapel St. Bartholomeus  decorated with 2 Kilogramm gold


Old Juif and Buddhist Graveyards on Vienna Central Cemetary

Around 40 Kilometres more we want to stay in famous Bath Voeslau, but
this place is only open for Hotel Guests and the public bath opens at
26.April. So we only get Voeslau mineral water from the fountain.

So we drive 40 Kilometres more to Castle Forchtenstein.
In the cold lake my body tries to recover from the heat.
But that doesn't help much, body system reloaded!

Frogs f*ck at Forchenstein

Frog locking for love

wild camping night at barrage Forchenstein

A paradise peaceful place: Panorama Kemping Heviz 606 Kilometres from Munich

Mima in the biggest Thermalsea in Europe: Heviz

Hungary Shephard Dog
called "Commodor" fights wolves

Delicious Sprout in Three Star Restaurant -
around 5 Euro (1Euro = 300 Forint)

"Sea Cow", Klaus, Mima, n0by, "Blue Wonder" (South America-Voyage 2006)
meeting at "Panorama Kemping Heviz 04-08-2009)

second  online report on my Netbook - upload on Internet Caffee Hévìz