Winter - best time to die



Sent: Monday, February 25, 2008 3:51 AM

Subject: [nopath] Re: confused!!

Anna Ruiz
> practical lesson in 'impermanence' kabir style?

There is no answer but to end the questioning.

Anna Ruiz
The answer is in the quest (ion). Our quest is how to live.

Mima cares for her dying Dad - Dezember 2008

That was the last letter in Michael’s group before his death. Last week end my experience grows: it is not even ‘our’ quest how to live. Some higher energy decides how to live. It’s beyond ‘our’ control.

As young students we studied Karl Marx in groups. It was obvious for us: capitalism exploits the work of people and the treasure of nature. Now capitalism comes to an end. Nobody knows how this will end. Like final solution to clean up this mess looks war. The collective destruction reminds on the individual departure: death.

This week end Mima’s father is coming closer and closer to death. Since our first visit to start her Christmas market three weeks ago her father suffers from brain stroke. The old man can not swallow food or fluid anymore. All nourishment has to come via infusion. Some rough words we understand from his damaged health: “I want to go home and to drink beer.” My feeling: His home is ‘heaven’.

Hospital Bamberg

Now capitalism comes to an end.

Similar feelings with my daughter: Her body is very fragile. Still we hope for a miracle, like Anna wrote in her last letter to Michael’s group: ‘Our quest is how to live.’ This conviction reminds me on one of my best friend Manfred. He died from cancer 2003. One day before his death I spoke with him on the phone. Manfred had even his very last moments no idea of death knocking at his life. It looks like death is out of our imagination. As long there is breath is absolute no idea about death.

That is a reminder on the social global and individual situation. As long no suffering happens directly no individual idea arises about personal suffering. Thomas from Hamburg wrote last week an e-mail to borrow thousand Euros. We don’t talk on the phone anymore, only these e-mails connect us in a way, that we enjoy our fantasies without much feeling and listening to the situation of the other. In this way e-mails are like a SPAM dump to molest patient readers. Sorry, Sir Wyly, to have lost my patience with your SPAM, even my SPAM keeps on molesting others.

Manfred died from cancer 2003.

Isn't  it all about exploitation? Again a letter with pictures tries to get your attention and an answer.

But people in our group get wise:
we keep silent and start dying for ourselves.