an idiot inside...

Nature donates in autumn love to help us survive the winter.

Like a root without roots helpless feelings ask: 'Is there an idiot inside?'

Money millions burn in Global Destruction.

The German Pope reminds in public prayers:

'Read more in the Bible, you'll gain forever!

In Stocket Market you'll suffer sudden loss!'

In two months my lovely daughter will live with her husband

in this old marvellous house with a wonderful garden.

But many concepts fail,

how to live healthy.

Our friend Klaus will leave Bavaria next spring for his four wheel drive to Mongolia.

But: Till now Klaus doesn't know, if his woman is by his side

on this long journey in his 'Blue Wonder' vehicle.

My woman Mimamai is my greatest treasure.

Everywhere we walk we feel joy double.

Is this joy our fantasy, our reality?

Are we real or pretenders?

Words leave like water this mouthpiece.

But life feels like falling and drawning and fading away.