Sea Cow in Spain

We are on our way: my woman Mima, her VW Transporter, called 'Sea Cow' and I. Sunday morning we left Munich. First time we swim in the river Amper, second time in a small lake in the Bavarian country, third time we rest on a Camping place at Walenstadt at the side of a lake in Swiss. Monday we climb for several hours in this pittoresque region, called 'Heidi Country'. We buy cheese from goats, where the farmer gets the milk by a machine. The few hours in the height are hard to stand for my head. But after half hour bath in the cold lake and half hour sleep it's getting better. In the evening we drive up on the hill to 1300 meters. There we sleep with a marvellous view over the lake Walenstadt, over Heidi Country, a world cultural heritage. After our breakfast the first morning sun kisses the car and warms our bones, dries the gras. Around 20, 30 cows pass by our side with their bells around the neck.

we sleep with a marvellous view over the lake Walenstadt, over Heidi Country

Slowly we leave Swiss in direction to Italy. Before crossing the border we pass the lake Lugano. Many names like 'Paradiso' point to the quality of this marvellous region. We find a place just by the side of the lake, eight kilometres south from Lugano: Maroggia. An 80 years old dotter from Hamburg stays on this Camping place since 20 years from spring to autumn. The old man and his wife with a dog have enough to play: a motor boat, an Internet laptop, a electro scooter, a television and a fridge.

We leave Maroggia early in the morning and calculate five, six hours to the lake Pencon next to Embrun in France. The pass from Italy to France goes up to 1854 meters. The first little village Montgenèvre in France is for ski tourist biz.

After 10 Kilometres we rest in Briancon, the highest town in Europe with 1370 metres. Few hours we spend in the pittoresque old town and in the old castle from 1860. The street follows the River Durance to Embrun. There we stay two nights and swim two, three times in the lake. The sun heats the car up: 34 degrees Celsius with all doors and windows open.

we rest in Briancon, the highest town in Europe with 1370 metres

These beautiful, large French Alpes valleys we drive down to St. Andre les Alpes. It's hot, we rest beside the street. In a small cold brook we  cool our heated body. A woman with two dogs comes there to swim too. Her neighbour sells oil lavandel. So we see her very poor place in a dead end road valley. Mima buys three litre lavandel oil for 60 Euros.

In St. Andre les Alpes we rest at the 'camping municpal' beside the river, that fills the next barrage. We sit in the river to enjoy the fresh flowing waters. This place  costs half the price of a luxurious place next day at the Lake Saint Croix.

But before we reach there we rent a canoo to paddle in the gorge 'Grand Verdon'. By the sides of this impressive gorge the stone walls pass hundreds of meters streight in the sky.

150 Kilometres we have only to drive to the sea. But on these narrow streets up to five, six hundreds metres and back in the valley again we need several hours. Finally we arrive in Cavaliere. The camping place in the hills is around 400 metres away from the plage.

paddle in the gorge 'Grand Verdon'.

Since Sunday we relax at the Mediterrean Sea, where we reached after our first week of journey.  Near Cavaliere, in the little village Pramousquier, we spent the first three nights. Next bigger village is 'Le Lavandu'. From there we take a boot to the romantic island 'Isle de Port-Cros'. There the water is very clear and crowded by coloured fishes. Unfortunatly my head, skin and body can't stand the heat. Sick of the sun we go back. After around 10 hours deep sleep my health is getting better.

On the boat to that paradise island the captain announces the biggest 'Camping Place of Europe' with more than 1.000 places. That place I have to see!

So we drive next day around 15 kilometres more to the village Bormes-les-Mimosas. The name of the huge Camping area is 'Camp du Domaine' - decorated with 'four stars'. Still a little exhausted we take one of the first place. But later in the afternoon the sun is heating up the area. With a temperature above 30 degrees Celsius in the car it is hard for my health.

So we change our sunny place to a one on the hill under trees and enjoy shadows all day long. Mima complains to freeze, but I guess she's joking. The nights are still above 25 degrees Celius in the car with open windows.

Saturday we leave this luxurious place and continue our voyage in direction Marseille. After two hours only we find a marvellous new place at La Ciotat. We stand just beside the sea around 20 metres higher. We are so closed to the water, that we can spit above the road into the waves. Only few tourists share this cosy camping place. Most are old retired french people, who stay around us in 20 to 30 years old caravans. Mima should bring me my German week end newspaper. But she bought the Friday edition, I enjoyed already a day before. Because there are no news today,  this gives me time to write some thoughts about our lovely travel adventures.

Isle de Port-Cros

biggest 'Camping Place of Europe' with more than 1.000 places

 Two weeks we are on the road now. Saintes Marie de la Mer is always worth to visit. Marseille we passed Sunday morning without much traffic. In Arles we didn't try hard enough to find a parking place. So we arrive at another four star camping place at Saintes Marie. Beside this place the Petit Rhone flows in the sea. The sun goes down in the waters with an impressive fireworks. A group of wild flamingos crosses the dark blue sky. Only two times few drops of rain fall in these two weeks.  For all nights plus gasoil we have payed till now around 500 Euros. The rich impressions fill our senses. The swim, bike and walk activities give new strength to the body. All together: happiness is there!

From Saintes Marie de la Mer we take the highway till Perpignan, last big French town  before Spain. From Perpignan we choose the street to the coast and cross the border. We stay at the first small Camping Place in Spain near the village Colera. That's the best place beside the sea for under 15 Euro.

we choose the street to the coast and cross the border

Next day at Figueres we visit the museum of Salvadore Dali. Exhausted from hours in the town and the following slow drive on crowded roads we spend one night in Palamos. There we enjoy evening shopping in the small steets and the vibrating Spanish evening atmosphere.

Next morning we walk half an hour over the rocks at the coast to the famous beach La Fosca. The waves are high, the bath is marvellous. Early in the afternoon two hours drive at the coast bring us to the most expensive Camping place on our voyage four Kilometres before Tossa: Camping Pola. In high season they charge nearly 50 Euros per night. We pay 28.89 Euro. 30 Metres from us is everything: sea, showers, toilets, restaurant, game hall and super market.

Tossa: Camping Pola

 One serpent after another brings us slowly the next four Kilometres to Tossa. The town is filled with tourists, the Camping Place with flies, the last one with ants. Where ever we stand, we look for shadow. Although some clouds hide the sun, it's about 30 degrees Celsius in the car, although doors and windows are open.

Finally in the night the first thunderstorm refreshes the country. Temperature falls down to 20 degrees Celsius. Next two hours bring us to Pals, a city from the Middle Ages. The Camping Place in pine trees gives shadows. A short shower again before the sun warms up the afternoon. An arduous bike tour over the hills brings us up to the castle Begur. Exhausted my body falls asleep in the comfortable chair of a restaurant.

The town is filled with tourists

The hard way back

Spontanously we decide to leave the Mediterranean Sea, to cross France and drive to the Atlantic. We leave Spain early full of energy and are burning. to watch Carasconne. This city from the Middle Ages is reconstructed 1910 and was a model town for the fantasies of Walt Disney. There again the town is crowded with tourists like us, but some valuable impressions we take with us like the colourful windows of the church St. Nazaire.

In the afternoon we reach Cahors, leave the high way and are tired after 430 kilometres. Cahors is an old town too, but without tourist the people have no work, no money. Old houses are to rent or for sale. The atmosphere is frightning. Thin hungry, young people are looking for victims.

On Sunday we gain again 420 kilometres. We sleep at Villefranche beside the river Rhone. We passed around 100 kilometres little street in the beautiful country. Travelling the French high ways is costly. The VW Transporter is charged as 'second categorie', around 11 cents per kilometre high way drive. For the price you avoid traffic jam and the traffic circles in the cities.

Carasconne, city from the Middle Ages

From France we cross Luxemburg, pass Belgium, visit Mimas friends there and
my brother in Dortmund. From there with our old mother we visit my aunt,
Mimas friend in a Yoga Centre and my daughter in Nuremberg.

Next to the Yoga Centre near Detmold we admire the monument above, called
Herrmanns Monument.