Mind Mountain Masturbative Molestation

Michael 0524-2007
in SannyasForum:

Q.: 'Jivano, what brought Sannyas for you?

A.: 'I got to know n0by and VT during their life time.'

Q.: 'During lifetim?(!)'

A.: 'Before I stroke them dead....'

Michael in the coffin not just yet one year later

Nemo wonders 0717-2008 in SannyasForum:

i wonder, how n0bys mind farts would stink if he didn't have the possibility to air out his brains up there once in a while.

Friday evening in Innsbruck

Friday evening 8.11 p.m. in Innsbruck: the Golden Roof

Hey! That's Friday evening 8.11 p.m. in Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol in Austria. It's high time to leave the crowded Munich and to escape in the marvellous mountains! Enough of all these so called 'friends', acquaintance, relatives! Enough even of my woman Mimamai!


More and more my feelings get stronger: these people, so called 'friends', acquaintance, relatives, these people are not good for me! All this poisonous mind masturbative molestation takes away my peace, my happiness, my grounded grace. Leave me alone! These artful expressions entertain myself. Who wants, may watch this Holy Hermitage. Who wants may comment here or anywhere. Bad touch doesn't reach me here. I'm neither my mind nor my body, but something enjoys both: my mind and my body. This joy is enough reward. This reward gives a divine strength to be for myself - a joke unto myself.

Navis - Saturday 5.00 a.m. start for mountain climbing

It's hard five hours walk for my old body to reach near the 'Sheep Side Peak' .

Above 2500 metres sea level it's already harder to breathe. The air is thinner.

1972 this Alpe hut gave my first wife and me peace to relax from people and mind masturbative molestation.

Alone with animals, alone in nature my body found health and strength again after my first Indian Pilgrimage 1976.

More than 30 years later the existential grace is felt to walk alone. Some far away memories appear from decades and years ago. Women have crossed my way. Talks in vain with so called 'friends', acquaintance, relatives. Enough is enough. No need to meet more. Thanks.

Voestn-Alpe 1881 meters: my home for three months 1972 and 1976

Here is nobody shepard....

...please free yourself!

Everybody walks alone!

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