World Weariness

Mother 88 years

Son 60 years

A friend, a woman, a home, a bath, food and alcohol - is there anything more a man needs - except a toilet for the deep digestion meditation? OK, some people detest alcohol and drug themselves with Holy Books, Bibles, Koran, Stock Market or special Satsang enlightenment entertainment.


My friend is Thomas. My woman is Mimamai. My home in this moment is 'Sea Cow', a motor home. Thomas sends from Hamburg two pictures he took by his cell phone this 1st May: burned cars in Hamburg City.

1st May in Hamburg

These pictures document a sort of violent dynamic meditation celebrations. These angry young men need this awful action to get satisfaction. Others are old enough to mind masturbate with web words or about spiritual success. Others play the 'wild think' with partners as sexual addicts.

angry young men need this awful action to get satisfaction

Hallelujah, positive vibrations: life never dies! A corpse like Michael's is food for the worms. Life only changes form and gestalt but continues.

Life only changes form

Story continues with pictures of the blooming country