Genua G8: 'Eat the Rich!'

We leave Munich in rain. It is nearly freezing. After my job is done on Thursday we can still drive 300 Kilometres. We stay the first night in Switzerland. The picturesque place is called Tamins.

Friday we are happy to drive through the deep gorge 'Via Mala'. This valley is cut in high rocks. Half hour drive later we rest and relax for tea time in the snow after we have passed the six Kilometres long tunnel of San Bernadino.

Next rest we have in the warmer climate of Northern Italy. Quite relaxed we arrive Friday afternoon 4.00 p.m. 24 hours after we have left home. It's a good feeling to stay at the sea side again in Finale Ligure.

Our camping place from last year opens at 1st April. So we have to stand next to the sea on an area like two soccer places. On Saturday this place is crowded with 140 motor homes! But most cars leave Sunday afternoon.

Saturday we drive with our bikes in the valley above Finalborgo, a town from the Middle Ages. When the road ends we climb a small foot path on the hill: Rocca di Perti. From 400 Meters above sea level we enjoy a marvellous view over the country and the sea.

Sunday comes the sun for the first time. It's a rather relaxed bike drive on the road 'Via Aurelia', because the road is closed for construction. It's warm enough to take my first bath in the sea.

Mima had a bad night and is in an awful mood. It's a bit difficult together. I send a message to the group from an Internet Cafe near the train station Finale Ligure. The owner makes a copy of my identity card, before I'm allowed to use the web.

The owner makes a copy of my identity card, before I'm allowed to use the web.


Monday morning most motor homes have left the crowded place next to the sea. We follow the coast in direction to France. After 50 Kilometres we stop at Albenga. A place 'Camping Italia' is open. The sun is warm enough to have another bath in the spring.

The third night in this 'Camping Italia' starts. This clouded day we drove in the mountains above Albenga: Zuccarello and Castelvecchio di Rocco Barbena. This mountain is 1142 meters above sea, a wild country with more rocks than plants.

The money structures of the international flows are highly disturbed. A qualified mystic would be able to declare the situation. I am not.

Journalists fantasize with economic experts about different possible situations from worst case to soon growing richness again.

None of these university experts has one word about the environment, about pollution of air, water, weather and earth. There are this kind of people like you and me: we collect and count money only without thoughts about consequences for our poor exploited Mother Earth. But these word and web works should not be a Bible preaching for a better world.

these word and web works should not be a Bible preaching


After three nights on the place 'Camping Italia’ we leave the high way to Genua. For 80 Kilometres we pay 7.5 Euro and have a superb calm Camping Place in Pegli. We visit Genua Central City by train and go back by 'Navebus' - a ship. Next day we travel by train to Camiglo and wander in the mountain to one of these wonderful chapels. This village 300 metres above sea is without cars. A lot of cats gather around these picturesque houses with orange and citron trees. It is all so marvellous, much more marvellous because we know: at home in Munich is snow!

Soon we will leave Italy, one more last night. It’s getting colder in this moonlit night, cold and sleepless. Not to disturb my woman I try to be as silent as possible. To play with fantasies on my old palm top, to write some lines with a sip of red wine doesn't make much noise. Only the fan of the heater murmurs softly against the cold air from the slightly open door. We don't smash this door closed to avoid the noise in the night with one motor home packed side by side.

That brings my fantasy back to our group, where everybody writes about him/herself without paying attention about another. This mirrors individual egoistic societies, where everybody tries to live no matter of price.

Nature has to feed all of us, but nature is getting more and tired of earth exploiting people. 'Eat the rich' is written on some walls in the town, 'eat the rich' a fantasy with cannibalistic attitude. The last result of evil perish is cannibalism.

nature is getting more and tired of earth exploiting people



Before cannibalism people like James Wyly quotes his Master like the Vatican pope tries to advertise his Master Jesus in worldwide media broadcast. And the white Christian trash is getting richer and richer before the dollar falls down: 'eat the rich' comes true.

Our friend Veet Tom advertises some attractive Satsang Gurus like Karl Renz. Tom is poor enough to be eaten by the rich; therefore he wants to feed his starving expectations for sex, money and power from some Satsang sellers. Or Veet Tom adores Munich Michael, because someone pays attention for his lost life and hammers on his stubbornness in a caring and loving way.

Michael Munich Master of Nastiness was able to mirror back the words in our group, but he himself is eaten up by existence in his harsh way to destroy his body. He sits for years in front of his computers; his body is eaten up by his mind desires for food like an alcoholic is addicted to his drug. 'Cheers, I drink to you Bhagwan!’

It is 15 degrees Celsius inside with a slightly open door, 5 degrees outside under palm trees in the moonlight.


the white Christian trash is getting richer and richer before the dollar falls


'Eat the rich' makes no one tremble down under like Hans Bretthauer or CMD, like OZAY or Arihanta in Sweden. People only start to tremble, when sickness scares them to death. The 'Hallelujah gospels' end when tooth pain starts and the world media doesn't report an hero advertisement like the Pollak pope sold his death process as marketing tool for Christian advertisings world wide. ‘Eat the rich Jesus dying for you' - this show must go on!

The perverted culture club programs the rat race to be somebody, somebody worth to feed the poor with political, economical, ecological lies about each and everything. The theatres, movies, concert halls, churches, discussions clubs, parliaments and management circles are all preparing for the last clash of culture, the collective doom of egoistical collapse: 'Eat the rich' and all we are having more than a Buddha beggar to survive the very poor need of the body.

The brain is dead long before our body falls apart; the brain doesn't care for ourselves nor for others nor for Mother Nature.

These fighting brains only want some last attention for a perverted pain to suffer from drugging themselves with goals of the 'here and now' or the 'there and then'! The dying bullshit pain or 'eat the rich' or 'bomb for peace' or 'fuck for virginity'!

all we are having more than a Buddha beggar to survive the very poor need of the body


The public media pretend some fighting fun for a better world; meanwhile the Chinese troops kill the Tibetan monks getting some money too for arms to attack.

Meanwhile the Taiwanese people are trembling to suffer next Chinese invasion. Meanwhile the Israel land grabbing predators build up their castles on Arabian countries. Meanwhile the oil hungry soldiers go on marching in Iraq and dream to bomb Iran. Meanwhile the Old Europeans built a wall around the rich not being eaten by the black Muslims invading European island of the rich ones. Meanwhile the women take over the world media power to arrange the war: Who has to fight whom and for what? Meanwhile OZAY fights a poor policeman who tells this ENLIGHTENED CAPS LOCK SPAMMER not to park his car in a prohibited area. Meanwhile Gene Pool tries to make an advaita peace with the cancer cells in his lung after smoking his last packet of Marlboro. That is God's addicted smoking branch to 'eat the rich'.

n0by, that's me!, sips his last drop of Chianti D.O.C.G. wine from the Genua camping place at 4.00 a.m. to bring his body, mind, heart to peace and sleep again beside his soft snoring woman Mimamai in her VW Transporter Sea Cow with no other toilet but a big glass to pee. But this is no place here to empty this bottle out of the window. We pay thirty Euros for a night, can't close the door and can't empty our pee bottle out of the window. Isn't this reason enough in a moonlit cold night to fantasy again and again? 'Eat the rich!'

Amen, Hallelujah, Jesus is born again, it's Eastern and Holydays and death coming closer each day to unburden all pain, all lust, all longing.

death coming closer each day to unburden all pain, all lust, all longing.