Good Bye for 10 Days Eastern Holydays

Hey Friends....

who cares for anything else than him/herself and the rare ones around? Aren't things boring as long they don't influence our little life?

Our guru gamblers OZAY, Ahiranta and RASA play their power trips, where they expect more. Our group gathering had some people before like 'guru' Jeffeji or 'therapist' Anand Sunkanpally.

Michael Kabir has described the joy of e-mail sharings in his wonderful message 39959:

'When I'm interested in spirituality, I'm strengthening the dictator, when I meditate, when I write important stuff for other idiots, even when I don't meditate or don't write something, there is always this feeling of wanting to be someone - even if it was wanting to be someone who is not wanting to be someone. When the idiots  answer or don't answer, it's the same - only at the other side of the cable.'

That's my reason to adjust my letters, pictures and words fitting for my life. If other opinions fit with mine, who cares? It's enough to care for myself, Mimamai, my daughter, the rare loved ones. This little prison around myself I'm so happy to leave! I'm back on the road again soon.

Under the ground of Sea Cow before  10th March 2008

We have prepared our little 10 days journey since long. Mima's Christmas Market Truck will be our primitive motor home for the next 10 days. The cars have to pass every two years in Germany a technical examination. We paid 87,50 Euro for this service on Monday. The examination of the gas heater and oven was still free.

Now the car is packed with water, wine, food, cushions, blankets, gas oil, gas, clothing etc.... With happy feelings I finish my last hours work on my desktop in the office. With 1.000 Euros in my pocket and Mima by my side we'll travel in southern direction.

The weather forecast warns: snow falls below 600 meters sea level. With winter wheels we don't care much. After a freezing night somewhere in the Alpes we expect the warm sun of the Mediterranean Sea.

But before we reach to our goal 'Finale Ligure' in Italy we have to drive around 10 hours for 700 kilometres.

Please accept my apology for harsh attacks, when my mood was tense. Holydays help to relax. When all is written the movie goes on - in the mind, in dreams - somewhere with someone. So long and 'Good Bye for 10 Days Eastern Holydays'.

Sea Cow before  technical examination 10th March 2008