Our first hard frosty nights in Sea Cow

Dear Readers, Rasa, Arihanta, OZAY, Hans from Down Under and Amsterdam, Jeeva, Anand...

...who ever wants to play with us together in our gathering is loved, loved very much. That does not mean, that my heart feels for everyone the same. No, there are great difference and harsh judgements, there is anger, rage, falseness, yes even hate sometimes!

Rasa wrote in her letter #39600 from Thu Feb 7, 2008 10:17 pm: 'HOW COME THE GIANTS LOVE ME BUT NOBY & HANS DO NOT?’.......

That's not my truth!

First we can be happy to watch some pictures from our daily life. One picture says more than thousands words.

Second letters come. People write, stop their letters for a long while, some people come back and write again. Everybody is welcome. Our group had no censorsh*t for nearly seven years.

Only OZAY's punchball like mouse clicking SPAM 50, 60 times his same letter, that was finally too much for our 'purification plant', our group, for my feelings to stand.

So OZAY is censored since Bhagwan's death celebration 19th January 2008. OZAY will have free access for his SPAM again, when he knows to behave a bit better.

Rasa, you are more sensitive than OZAY. You have a feeling, when there is nothing to win for you in a group anymore. Then you simply stop spamming. That's wiser than OZAY's bossiness.


Rasa has more experience to ‘sell her truth and words and web works’. So she has learned to be more calculative than poor OZAY. Maybe OZAY gets my lesson from censorship in a former free group. It was even a free group in times of virus attacks!

Third my spam flows from my fingers to entertain myself first. Like tonight, first frosty night in Sea Cow with Mima by my side. Sea Cow is her VW truck, she uses for her Christmas Market in December. The same truck serves as our simple motor home now in the Alps.

We stand in the Stubai Valley above Innsbruck, the Capital of Tyrol. Tyrol is one of the most marvellous parts of Austria. My parents have already visited with me as child these valleys 55 years ago.

The stars shine above the snow white mountains. The night will bring around 10 degrees Celsius minus. The gas oven warms up the car in a cosy warm room. Mima sleeps already after our Sauna bath. We are happy in this small primitive room. Our toilet is a big glass we empty out of the window at night,

When the five kilogram gas bottle is empty, we have to stand up in the coldest night, open the back door and change the gas bottle. This could be the hardest part of the night.

These travel stories first entertain me. I read my stories seldom again sometimes I look at the pictures to remember the places, where I have been.

There is no question about 'enlightenment, spirituality, kundalini rising, energy liberation, the path with nopath', it's a very light and lovely life with a simple woman by my side. There are harder moments together too.



I love to see Mima naked in the sauna I love to watch her move. It's hard to stand, when she is teasing me and gets into bad or mad mood. But we manage to stay together and are winning each day. She is my boss, she connects me deeper with feelings she gives me guidance, warmth and shelter. She takes care of us and everything.

That's all so simple.

Books I don't like anymore since decades. 20, 30 years ago Bhagwan and tape lectures from other guys have washed my brain. This too has passed.

Last years OZAY has flooded n0by gathering with his 'insights' - at least he tried to 'teach' the same all days with different words. Seldom I critised this sick OZAY SPAMMER as someone with ENLIGHTENED MIND!

From my observation and experience some 'body builders' get tougher and tougher by each exercise. The muscle armour gets stronger and stronger. The feeling for the own suffering and the pain of other gets more and more lost. As result flood endless word cascades with a bully’s bossiness.

A robot like maniac has no chance, to be aware of his behaviour and life. A robot maniac only lives his/her bossiness, and is left alone in the end.

I have nearly finished my experience with those energies. So there was no need to study more of this similar bossiness in Rasa's groups. OZAY and RASA may victimize people with all awful aggressive CRIMINAL CAPS LOCK SPAM in their places.

Nevertheless my politics care for all people, who share in our n0by gathering and still stand my judgements.

If these people leave, the gathering looses energy and colours, but it's better to be left alone and to fantasize as hermit for myself, then to silence my truth, feelings and my judgements.

Maybe people leave me alone in my bully bossiness too! But that's my life, and I don't need excuses.

Mima, a simple woman helps our simple life