Sickness, Help, Cure

Since our Monday meeting with lovely, living Michael Kabir the last day of last year my body is sick. A hard, rough cough shakes my chest. Sleep comes after several night movies on TV only. The stomach turns around several times.

My beloved Thomas friend from Hamburg got mad about me, because I simply shared my experience from my youth: ‘very early in young years existence gave me hard lesson: when my body wants to release tension of my sexual desires not by masturbating only, who can help? Right: only women can help. So existence teaches help is inevitable.’

Today sick at home: existence teaches help is inevitable!

Now my desire for sexual fulfillment dried out. Still there is some dependence to my beloved woman Mimamai. And she’s happy to care for me, her ‘Walrus’, like her ‘Walrus’ cares for his ‘Aardvark’, my Mimamai.

Thomas judges help as ugly. Thomas believes that there has to be a ‘higher one' to help someone in trouble. These torturous troubles have been best friends in my life. My company since student times: thoughts written as ‘Sermons of SPAM’.

These thoughts help to reflect somehow my faults stumbling, falling, crawling on my knees, getting up on my feet again, feeling high on emotions like ‘still going strong’! Talking with Michael we both hope not to repeat the same faults again and again. This harmony connect our hearts. Then all arguments end. Similar with Mima. She manages my life. To avoid arguments I simply follow or hide that I don’t follow.

Because of my sickness Mima drives alone this morning to my 87 years old Mom in Bath Dry Home. The court of justice gave my brother and me after one year finally the decision: my brother and I have to care for my old Mom. We have to administrate Mother’s money. 

Mima drives alone this morning to my 87 years old Mom

But her 97 years old friend met Old Mom from the ‘Bunch of German Maiden’  - 70 years before!. This old lady takes my old Mom with her yesterday afternoon. When my brother arrives in Bath Dry Home both old ladies are missing. The caretakers in the clinic hotel are highly alarmed about the missing 87 and 97 years old ladies. And it’s 10 degrees Celsius minus at night.

My brother reports to the police my missing old Mom. The police looses the trace of the old ladies at the train station. A taxi driver reports this to the police.

Mima drives to Bath Dry Home this morning. After lunch my brother and Mima finally find my old Mom. Old Mom returns from her excursion with her old friend after one night. Old Mom needs daily help twice from her caretaker for body cleaning. 

Mima connects me with my old Mom on the cell phone. Old Mom is happy to be back in her clinic hotel again. She doesn’t know anymore where she has spent the night before. My brother finds with the police 11.000 Euros in Mom’s drawer. He brings Mom’s money back to the savings bank.

My little report demonstrates: help is inevitable to live. Air, food, tea, medicine help my sick body. Phone calls and letters help to share. Life meetings help to connect. When finally hearts connect happiness changes wounds of misery into wonders of mystery.

''Bunch German Maiden 1937'