child like in a wonder world

In N0by list the ability to read 

is equivalent to enlightenment.

Michael Kabir Msg.#38506

One week before Mima's Sea Cow, her VW Transporter, had to carry her market goods back to her garage. After the repair of the car we sleep now near to zero Celsius outside in a cosy little rolling home. Peace with my woman is peace on earth. Most people complain about quarrels, sorrows: work, health, nerves, money, weather, prices. We haven't any complaints. Christmas Market is finished. The year 2007 is over. The judge finally found out, that our Old Mom is demented. Now my brother and I are obliged to get her things done. My work is relaxed, health is o.k. Our both cars are running. Money is coming. What else do we need? Nothing! Because we don't need anything more, we feel rich, relaxed and happy.


Mima's  friend in her Bamberg apartment

Hans changes his House Boat in Amsterdam into a jewel case. Similar Mima and I, we feel about our little life! Mima's VW truck plus motor home is the smallest one on the Camping Place.

 The 100.000 Euro class stands just beside us with satellite tv, Internet, fridge, toilet and shower. We have seen the trees in the morning with a silver dress of snow and ice. Now it's warmer, but still the roads are slippery from ice rain.

Step by step we move towards the happy end - hopefully: a relaxed last breath. Michael Kabir donates his sparkling witty wisdom. My words don't long to spam any other places anymore but ours. It's enough, to write my stories for myself. Bilbo balances the hardest attack with a peaceful offer to smile. Pictures illustrate the mystery of the moment. 

TV once was avoided and blamed as 'idiot's parking place'. Now in our child like world TV has changed into a thrilling evening meditation. Criminal films are my favourite dynamic meditative entertainment.

Backyard in Bamberg

When the efforts of a day overload my child like system, the day film continues with closed eyes in the bed. Mostly the body only asks for deep sleep only every second day. But no complaints arise about the strange wishes of my body.

Many times in the night when the darkness is deepest, the body sits straight in the bed beside the softly breathing Mimamai. With closed eyes the heart beats in the chest, thoughts come and go, flood the mind and stop in rare happy moments of silence.

Mima on the Bamberg Market place, where she stood 28 days.

Is there anything to learn from words? It's closed to midnight in this blessed room, Mima's Sea Cow. The vent of the gas oven sings a mechanical melody. This is mystery too. When eyes close to invite sleep, the peace of a night prepares the body for a joyful next day. When this day would be the last day in happiness, life is imagined as fulfilled. So far my theory, praxis is different:

Bamberg River Regnitz 12-21-2007

Is there anything to learn from words?

Yes: Words would be written different next morning,

because the body caught a cold in the first winter motor home night.

December Sun is like a kiss in May.