Words come easy, work is hard

Last day of Christmas Market is a Sunday. We are lucky to finish Christmas Market on Sunday. On Sunday the Market opens at 11.00 a.m., so we sleep a bit longer.

We finish work around midnight. The last sales close at 7.00 p.m. In her VW transporter with trailer we bring her Christmas hut and all items in her two garages 

The night before we brought the first truck and trailer load to her garage. Exhausted we fell asleep. This is luxury: readers sit in warm rooms, enjoy newspapers, Internet, TV, food and drinks. Thankfully my muscles relax, when the body sits warm and comfortable. Words come easy, work is hard.

Bilbo's car is broken since August. How is life in the U.S. without car? Michael in Munich instructs Thomas in Hamburg to change his situation. But Michael can't loose weight although doctors advice him, to reduce weight. Do we have a choice for a lucky or a miserable life? Or gives destiny a lucky or a miserable life?

Since one week hard working life doesn't give a rest to write. Words fantasize for free time entertainment. To make money for life is different: You have to buy food, prepare simple winter vegetable soup, you have to hurry in a cold Christmas Market hut, you have to sell, to hurry back in the 'Holyday Apartment', you have to eat, to drink a coffee, to fall asleep exhausted, hurry back for market sales and so on and so on....

Mima's VW Transporter, her 'Sea Cow', has again these strange sounds from the engine. We leave the car in Bamberg for repair. So many people meet at Mima's market hut. The nerves are tense. Sleep is difficult. Headache and bad stomach are the result. Words are entertaining luxury after all work is done.

Sleepless in the Christmas Night: tense body and nerves rush around in the picturesque Bamberg medieval Old City. The bells of the Dome signalize the end of the church ceremony: 1.30 a.m. Hundreds of people leave the building. Finally the exhausted body sleeps some short hours to wake up tortured with headache for 1st Christmas Day.

Sleepless in the Christmas Night: 


Sleepless in the Christmas Night: 


This first Christmas day finally we both relax for hours in a sauna bath 55 Kilometres away from Bamberg. Snow covers the hills. The Moon lights the night drive back home. Sleep, sleep, sleep again, three, four times in the hot sauna and rooms around.