n0by chronicles - finished

Namasté and cherished writers!

In deep accordance I say my heartful 'Good Bye' to Swami-G and her sophisticated spiritual world and e-group. Enough advertising for her work is enough. Thankfully I got her lesson, to give up the fight with her world far above my head. More I feel ready to give up the fight with everyone else, who is engaged in 'spiritual biz'. So as entertainer in our free group gathering you all are appreciated - without my sarcastic comment anymore. My Munich reality at home is different from our e-mail entertainment: My beloved woman Mimamai and I are fully occupied to keep our heads above the flood in the stream of life.

Thankfully I renounce from my long years ''fight for my byte''. For my woman and me it's enough to work hard. This is the last week of work before my woman and I start together in three weeks holy days. I don't have any advice for myself, I can't give any device for anyone else. Times of provocations are fading away, because I have left my joys of quarreling. Whatever comes next, I try to wait in a peaceful and relaxed mood and follow the flood. As long existence keeps me breathing, what is needed more?


p.s.: Anand Mayi  please click on your name to reach your lost pictures on my web-site.

Mima keeps her head above the flood in the stream of life.

Swami-G Sat Aug 25, 2007 3:51 pm, msg: #2596 of 2696

don't be sorry - at this moment
you are simply where you are at.

0- don't be sorry - at this moment you are simply where you are at. If you do not have this inner pull and driving force towards seeking Realization which is the dissolving of the MEism then yes it is more attractive to engage the world and gather what you may. This is understood. It is the way that it is.

This path isn't for everyone and that is fine too. - For those who do not cognise that they are in the end on a wheel of suffering then i say Be Happy
and find joy where you are. For those who recognise that the same endless patterns of suffering are driving them and that they are on a hamster wheel of revolving mind which is bondage then this path may stop that wheel and the inner search is engaged in all earnestness.

For those who simply want to have added benefit to their lives - to enhance it. Then this path would be very detrimental and they are better to seek through the path of Bhakti aka devotion and love - just to keep in a heart opening. This is perfectly fine as well.

it is never said that this path is for everyone - simply it is not. This is more the path of the mystic - and it requires a deep internal search and one many times will encounter the dark night of the soul (not all will but some do) and there must be a determination not to turn back and in the end though there is a great freeing up and simply great Laughter at the Cosmic Joke.

Each are pulled along or driven depending on desire or aversion surrender or struggle. No one can say what your inner self is seeking - but may it seek more clarity rather than more binding confusion. That is all.

Maha Shanti OM