Nuremberg Bard Meeting

The second night ahead under the walls of the imperial castle in Nuremberg. Mimamai gives me peace to enjoy my time better.

For hours we help my Esther daughter. She recovers after her 3.5 hours operation on Tuesday in a most marvellous way. That gives me strength together with my beloved woman Mimamai.

Esther is able to leave her bed. We can drive around the huge clinic complex slowly in a wheel chair. My daughter enjoys the sun, the clouds and birds, everything. She is full of plans. And her new friend Timo supports her with his love and care too.

Jeffeji, one of these notorious enligjhtened entertainers with his never ending self advertising campaigns spreads some of his mild provocative smells in Ganga’s group. These spiritual entertainers like Ozay, Anand Sukanpally and Jeffeji are felt so similar with their enlightened mind manifestation. 'Yaaahn,' when I feel this sort of spiritual spam, I am reminded on Lady Rasa with her 'Shaktipad sellings for her devotes’.

Thanks, no need for this kind of blessings.

Enlightened Mind

Nevertheless if these political blessings fish for attention or if Sukanpally's pearls of swear words are showered upon me, the effect is zero. 'Yahhn' - at least Jeffeji spreads beside spam in e-groups colours on paper. There is no harm felt with Jeffeji's paintings. But when these friends with enlightened mind find customers somewhere and somehow like Guru Mother Goddess Rasa does, 'please leave me alone!'

Doesn't people search for the kind of 'Guru', they deserve? This bunch of Gurus like Sukanpally, Jeffeji, Ozay and Rasa may successfully share their cake with customers. I'm not longing for these sweets.

Buddha's, Gurdjieffs, Christs, Krishnamurti's or Osho's followers may enjoy these giants like others enjoy beautiful music or pictures. But students of these magnificent masters are far away from their idols.


At least with Jeffeji, Sukanpally or Ozay I would like to share a drink, with Mother Goddess Rasa even this would be difficult. The spiritual spam of 'Enlightened Entertainers' I swallow for a short time, but women like 'Mother Goddess Rasa' are to hard to stand, I have to admit.

E-Mails farts don't molest much. After two, three boring lines the delete click can save my nerves and time. Hopefully you find a similar solution, when my mails spam your hard disc.

But at least I never claimed to suffer from this spiritual sickness, I observe as 'enlightened mind' in such mouth masters like Sukanpally, Jeffeji, Ozay or Mother Goddess Rasa.

When my judgements harm such sincere seekers, maybe my observations fail. But I don't claim to have reached to this so called peak of 'self realisation' or 'enlightenment'.

GuruBunch in n0by group:
JeffeJi, Anand, Rasa, Ozay

I never claimed to suffer from this spiritual sickness, I observe as 'enlightened mind'

My feelings simply like someone more - and others less. My feelings don't like some people at all. And to tell my true feelings without political flatteries: Ozay, Sukanpally, Jeffeji and Mother Goddess Guru Rasa I hardly can stand. Sorry - but that's my truth since long time and tonight under the walls of the imperial castle in Nuremberg.

BTW: there is 'Bard Meeting' music event this week end in Nuremberg. Great music meditation connects thousands of people in a loving atmosphere.

I'm drunk - most time of my day I'm a little bit drunk. No matter what drug, music, greed, money grabbing, spiritual search, desire, somehow alcohol releases the stress with sorrows.

My daughter child is very impatient in her hospital and complains about the medical mechanical treatment. I try to console her. In long hours of our visits with my woman we make her smile. 'Breath, breath and be patient. Sickness is a school, a hard school to learn patience and breath.'

'Blablabla', my daughter replies, 'blablabla....'

It's hard to be a father, it's hard to be a child, but it's easy to drink red, red wine.

'Bard Meeting' music event this week end in Nuremberg

Summer in Germany is the most beautiful time of the year. In spring time nature explodes with power. I need to run on mountains; in summer my nature relaxes with red wine. Clouds and rain change this week end. I prefer this colder climate, because it's better for my skin and it's easier to breath.

But the lakes are warm enough to swim. The flowers bring joy with many colours. The fruits grow each day. The women show the soft round of their breast under their shirts, soft summer love.

French wine promises with the label the care of nourishing nature: 'Cotes de Roussillon Villages'. And Eric collects guru videos, I mock about 'Good Luck!'

I don't believe in any 'Guru', I believe in friendship, although my friends are rare. Guru players, please leave me alone! My working days are boring, but this wise pretending behaviour is too hard to stand!

At least Ganga is felt as warm hearted woman! What else are lonely males looking for but a friendly woman?

the lakes are warm enough to swim