Mind stops to worry in Nuremberg

Munich Spring festival 04-27

The firework of sharing and caring will continue.

Public groups fom people like Gene Poole, Alton, Ozay, Adhitya, Rasa and Zora I have left. Who reads Ozay, James Wyly, Rasa, Adhitya?

Thomas proudly presents his possions: food!

Thomas in Hamburg writes now in the sannyas-forum Berlin with friends, once known in our group too: Michael Kabir, Laleela or Pavitro. After nice phone talks I felt like sending him a book with some money. So Thomas could buy some food. He proudly presents these possession in a private mail to me.
Thomas waits a bit drunk for his earnings to come.

Thomas waits for earnings from his last camera works at G-8 meeting. In the meantime he is occupied  with letters of love and hate in the Berlin Sannyas Forum. So Thomas is in touch  with his adored female Laleela and  Michael Kabir. This guy Thomas adores as 'Zen and E-Satsang Master'. Looks like spiritual seekers need someone to worship.

Playground Slide in the Munich University IT Centre Garching

Somehow my own work needs to be done in the company, where I earn bread and butter since 10-19-1990. Thursday i.e. I visited an IT University Institut in Garching near Munich. Isn't this playground slide from the third floor to the ground impressive?

I admired this 'Mobile Computer Centre' on a truck in a standard container. This container can contain 250 Sun Fire CoolThread 61000 servers with 2000 cores and 8,000 simultaneous threads. The truck carries mobile power supply plus cooling unit. In case of military or catastrophic urgency this Mobile Computer Centre can be used immediatly.

The Sun Project: 'Black Box'

The Promotion Bike for the Mobile Computer Centre

On the promotion tour of  this martial looking Mobile Computer Centre a young man drives this special battery bike. So Sun prdemonstrates, that the new technology saves electricity.

On Friday my work is done. I help my daughter, to move to her new friend. With three bus loads  of  Mima's Sea Cow plus one load in a rented trailer, this work is done on Friday and Saturday. Many people help my daughter: her ex-friend, her sister, one colleague from her studies, one couple. Her mother,  my second ex-wife, prepares food for all of us.

Sea Cow with the third bus load of furniture.

My daughter has finished her Ex-Friend Ingo (*)
in 10 years love  and at least with his help.

Ingo has helped to move all her things 
to the house of her new friend.

In the foreground her sister restores
her power with a glass of water.
 Both lovely ladies look a bit amused.

(*) When she would read these lines, she would be very angry with me!

Happy father: all work is done for and with my lovely daughter.
After all work is done I drive home happy to my Mimamai, who works 12 hours a day in a market hut.  This Saturday the blueberry fields opened for the public. Mimamai works continuously from 8.30 a.m till 7.00 p.m. When I come to her hut, she can hurry to a mobile toilet. I take her home with her bike, fixed on her Sea Cow. Exhausted after supper I fall asleep for ten hours. The best: my mind stopped to worry!