Eastern Holyday - Flight in Fantasy

One week ago we stood in the snow in this little village 'Bath Dryhome'. Seven days later the nights are still freezing, but spring sun wakes up the flowers, the bees and butterflies. Frogs cross our way, where we walk in the dark.

620 Kilometres we drive north, to bring my daughter home from her 40 days fast with three juices daily and tea only. Esther has lost with nine Kilograms more than 20 percent weight. She moves her tender 33 Kilograms body after this hard fast to her new life. We, my woman Mimamai and I can't nothing do then care - for us, Old Mother and young daughter.

Health industry is a Billion Dollar business. Clean water, clean air, healthy food and a peaceful place without traffic noise and pollution - those things suffer from short supply.

In spring sun all countries surprise with wonders. My daughter has finished her six week fast in a little village, called 'Bergfreiheit' (Mountain Freedom). The region is called 'Kellerwaldgebirge' (Celler Forest Mountains). From the next old village 'Bad Wildungen' we reach in 10 Kilometres the 'Eder barrage'. This artificial lake is 27 Kilometres long, one of the biggest in Europe. The barrage is build from 1908 till 1914 under German last Emperor Wilhelm II. We listen to these facts on a boat tour.

Above the artificial lake stands the castle and tower 'Waldeck' (Forest Corner) since around 1000 years. In the Museum I watch some cruel facts of power and pressure. These demonstrations are created in stone - if you want to look at history from this point.

Boat tour on Eder Barrage with view on Castle Waldeck

After two nights in the little village ‘Bergfreiheit’ we bring my daughter, her Smart car back home on Sunday. We enjoy 720 Kilometres high way drive to Bamberg, Nuremberg and arrive at night in Bath Dryhome, where my Old Mom lives. We rest for dinner in an old romantic town at the 'Neckar River: Horb'. Each region, each little village, each house, everyone tells a thrilling history.

Old Mother is loosing her memory more and more. It is difficult to care for her. Again she has signed a ‘durable power of attorney for health care’ (Vorsorgevollmacht). The same procedure with my brother she has signed 01-09-2006.

New is now, that she shares her possessions with my brother and me. She keeps a third part. Communication is nearly impossible. She signs the papers. It feels a bit like desperation, but I don't have any other solution. Last years seem to be the hardest. Even I'm richer now, I don't feel happy. I sleep with my woman in her car on a free place. So we save seven Euros for the Camping Place. It was Mima's wish.

I don't have time, when I travel, to read the ongoing quarrels in our e-group gathering. I don't write many postcards from my holydays anymore. More and more life chooses me to live alone - what a relief! Words and thoughts leave me alone, feelings remain. This feels like home.

After this meeting with mother we travel on. It's worth 27 Euro road charge, to pass the highways in Swiss. First attraction is the Rhine Fall in Schaffhausen. People from all over the world, India, Japan, U.S. and we too want this mesmerizing experience. The falling clean river fills the air with fluid. This pure water seems like the blood of our Mother Earth.

The Rhine Fall in Schaffhausen - view through a colored window

By bike we visit the town nearby, prepare salad in Mima's Sea Cow, her VW transporter. Last four nights still were freezing. After two nights with the emotional burden to care for my daughter, two nights more to care for my Old Mom, we feel now in Paradise!

After the Rhine Fall we climb a castle in a little Swiss village, called ‘Bhals’. There the ‘Jura’ – mountain range between France and Switzerland - from oldest earth history raise white muscle monuments in the sky.

Light snow decorates still the top of the mountains. Hail and thunder causes traffic jam, we just leave the highway and enjoy dinner.

In the evening we pass the big town ‘Bern’ on the highway to ‘Lausanne’ and Geneva. We leave fulfilled and in peace the crowded highway with the disciplined, calm driving cars in Murnet, a little Swiss town at a lake. Direct by the lake we stay for the night under the shelter of an Old Castle 50 Meters above.

We wander through the new beginning night in this marvellous, picturesque, old little village. With a never ending bright smile on my face I enjoy fully each breath, each heartbeat, each new view in this our wonder world.

So this chapter of 3rd April closes slowly with a tasty, dark red wine, 13 percent alcohol. I slowly sip still with this smile of ever lasting joy. And all is done today the way my sweet little lady Mimamai wants her things to be done - except my little awkward gestures to wash the dishes, when my hands spread here and there some drops of water. She does it better, she knows this, and she lets me feel her female domination.

Six nights now we sleep in the Sea Cow. After five freezing nights the five Kilogram gas bottle was empty. We find in ‘Lausanne’ a new bottle, but we have to pay three times more than at home. The short Internet connection in a McDonald Restaurant was even 10 times higher than a cheap offer in Germany.

Nevertheless Lausanne is a fascinating big city. In the cathedral we listen to the immense organ. A famous organ player prepares his art for a concert in the evening. Mima would like to stay, would like, to buy tickets and would like to listen at night to this celebration. But we have no energy left.

We continue our voyage, pass the traffic jam in Geneva and enter France in the evening. In Annexy, a town at a mountain lake, we stay calm at a Camping Place with a marvellous view on the lake, the mountains, the moon, the sun and the clouds. My daughter sends a SMS: 'Success in my examination - 6.45 points'

Annexy: our romantic Camping Place at the lake for two nights

Two nights only we spent at this clean, calm mountain paradise. An arduous bike tour around the lake helps me to sleep for eight hours. But the next day we are on the road again - to long and to far.

But first we rest after one hour drive at the French town Albertville. There we walk around and explore accidentally a town from the Middle Ages.

Several hours drive later we arrive at the tunnel ‘Frejus’. There is the France border to Italy. We have to wait more than one hour, because a car broke down in the tunnel. This tunnel is 13 Kilometres long and costs 42 Euros to pass.

All highways around the Italian town Turin and many serpents to the sea are free. We reach the sea in the evening after 400 Kilometres.

But we can't find a Camping Place. At 9.00 p.m. Mima stops exhausted. We park at a steep street and start a loud quarrel. Mima is mad about me: ‘I drove about 400 Kilometres drive today, only because you want to bath in the sea!’.

Mima would prefer a more relaxed holyday at the lake Constance, one hour drive from my Old Mom in Bath Dryhome. But I only can relax after arduous efforts – and I flight in these fantasies, to avoid the emotional hard reality with my Old Mom!

These villages at the sea next to Savona, Spolorno and Finale Ligure should have Camping Places, but we couldn't find one in stress and in the falling darkness.

On our romantic night place at the steep street many frogs quack in concert. One tree is filled with yellow citron fruits. The sound of cars and scooters on the steep street upwards are disturbing. A dog barks at midnight. We are not used to higher temperature at night in the car - nearly 20 Degrees Celsius. Finally we fall asleep.

The next morning we find a picturesque Camping Place in the hill a little above Finale Ligure. Mima is still so tense, that she scratches the bumper of her Sea Cow car a bit, when she parks in a tiny space.

Our Camping Place in Finale Ligure for five nights

She teases me in anger: 'You can buy this car. Then you can drive as fast and far as you want!' I keep my big mouth better shut.

Her father is in Hospital after seven days, her sister tells Mima on the cell phone.

We walk down to the sea. I swim in the fresh, clear, salty water. I'm happy! The town Finale Ligure is marvellous. People and traffic remind me on Indian life style, less on German workaholics.

On the beach parents play with their little children. We buy vegetables and prepare in the Sea Cow salad with cheese and red wine. Mima doesn't drink. She detests alcohol, because her brother, father and her friend before have or had to fight with alcohol addiction. Now I too have a similar fight, Mima is afraid.

After the delicious meal Mima goes down to the beach again. I explore on my bike the wonderful country side. Next little town Finale Burgo beside Finale Ligure is from the Middle Ages.

I climb the castle on a hill and relax again with a glass of red win for one Euro from a 20 litre barrel. Next to the little restaurant I visit a chapel from the XI century.

Drunk in Finale Ligure

It's Eastern Monday. We are happy again. Our fourth night in this picturesque country, this marvellous town begins. Holydays at it's best. Mima teases me with her flouring female energy, full of esprit and inspiration. One example she gives after our rich spaghetti meal with red wine. She says: 'Compared to Italians, we Germans are like corpses.'

Germans are good in wars as soldiers. Germans are good in factories as workers. Germans are good in an office of organisations, but many Germans fail somehow in life. Italians drive here many Volkswagen Golf or BMW bikes, but in life style these lovely people are at this side of sea hilarious.

We walk for hours in the hills around Finale Ligure. So much flowers spread their colours, so much birds jubilee in the sky, so much magnificence over the ocean.

I swim in the sea. The Italians still wear winter clothes. I'm the only swimmer but the Bavarian lakes are much colder. We both love life tonight.

The coast at Finale Ligure

Last day in Finale Ligure

Mima, my woman, wants to drive home tomorrow. My home is here, in the sun with red wine in her Sea Cow, the VW Transporter. From the windows and the open back door I watch the sea, the shimmering, salty sea in the sun. Birds sing around, some men are at work not far from here, sometimes a train passes by few hundreds metres from here under the Camping Place. It's peace inside. My senses are filled with the beauty of the spring.

Before dinner I read the Internet news of our group gathering. Yes, Gene is correct from my p.o.v. with his Msg: #33844 of 34230:

Since n0by does not censor this group, I am asking
you to refrain from making death-threats here.


Humor is good, but ....

Please consider to avoid any words which can be
construed as physical threat.


Rasa threatens to close down the group, because HansB has violated terms of trade of yahoogroups. Adults will be able, to use ‘Free Speech’ in a legal way.

Mima loves to quarrel these holydays too. She asks me to carry the shopping bag. I refuse and say: 'No!' Mima gives back an angry swearword and carries the bag.

Please consider to avoid any words which can be
construed as physical threat.

I come home from the Internet session, 40 Minutes for four Euros. Mima still is angry and teases me: 'You don't want to carry the shopping bag, but you want me, to prepare food for us.'

I reply with an ugly EGO pride, 'you carry the food, you prepare salad, and I pay the food.'

'Yes, ' she teases me again, 'yes, but you drink more and more. The half bottle from yesterday is already empty now.'

'You are not to stand in any other way but drunk,' I pay back with more ugly EGO pride.

'When you talk bad like this, I'll leave you alone,' she continues to tease me.

'Yes, please do this', I encourage her with my ultimate EGO pride.

'But now I only go to the beach alone, maybe I'll leave you for ever later.'

'Yes, please, you're welcome to leave me, when ever you want, or to continue our lover's quarrel.’

That's the way, we like it! Only young couples with overflowing energy, young couples are ready to give birth to their children. Here in Finale Ligure play many mothers at the beach with their kids. Giving birth prolongs the quarrels for the next generation. Parents fight a daily war to feed their breed.

Old farts like me, Gene, HansB (Boardbasher), Rasa and many others prefer online quarrels. Where and what and how can we create the most damage to whom? Hahahah, hihihi, how funny is war, how much more alive we feel, when we get any chance to quarrel! Are these theories of a Mad Man?

Please, leave me alone! I want to bike in the silence of the mountains near by the sea. Thanks for staying together with a future vision of peace, when we all are exhausted from quarrels. Thanks.

Please, leave me alone!

Last hours in Finale Ligure

My usual time to wake up these nights is around 3.00 a.m. This night, the last night here a wind comes up. The stars shine from the clear night sky. My last sips from the bottle of red wine from two days ago are my silent consolation in these last hours in loosing paradise: Sun, sea, silence!

A strange dream woke me up last night. With my best friend from Cabaret Days 20 years ago we sit and drink together in a huge library. We pick up the most important books of the world like from Gurdjieff, Rasa, Osho, Jesus, Socrates, Platon, Freud, Marx, from whom ever! Suddenly the books fall from the walls in the hall. We have hard work to keep our heads up in the flood of books. But still we pick up one or another quote of world literature and proudly pretend with borrowed words: 'Listen, what Gurdjief has said about the fourth way.....'

Many churches, chapels from 1000 years ago decorate these sunny hills near the sea. The idea is attractive: with few friends alone in the hill, working for daily food - not as hard like German robots - working in a ‘meditative silence and self observation’, alone with this wonderful creation. I rest in the shadow of the trees, I will watch after some sheep maybe or I will hold my inner discipline with a silent prayer to adore this marvellous creation, our Lotus Paradise, my body, the earth around me, the sea and the sky and everything.

When there are women around, then there will be tension from them in the outside. When there are no women around, then there will be tension from inside – finds an old male mule like me.

Our vision of 'Cyber Church' will have tension inside, outside, double, triple tension. Maybe the tension will be to much, much to much, so that some decent lawyers finally cut the tension from outer outside.

Then tension will create controversies somewhere else inside outside. You don't need prophecy to state this fact.

Decent people with rotten mind may ask for protection of laws, which laws ever: CopyWrong Protection, Ego-Protection, Sickness-Protection, Thought-Protection, Attack-Protection, Life-Protection.

The safest place is the graveyard.

More than death can't happen!

The most silent place is the graveyard.


Till the last breath there will be quarrel. You don't need prophecy to state this fact.

Till the last sip of wine or water, the last bite of bread or butter, life fights versus last doom forever. A relaxed good bye from my last hours in paradise at the Camping Place Mulino at Finale Ligure my dexterous fingers write in my PSION 3c palmtop on keys with five millimetres in square.

It's maybe time again to embarrass sleep again. We call the ‘brother of sleep’: death. In both are peace, in sleep for some hours, in death for ever. Why there is no peace with people like you and me?

Why there is no peace with people like you and me?

Lago Maggiore

The voyage from Finale Ligure to this biggest lake in Swiss is soft and easy. All Italian highways are free, the sun shines all day long. We arrive around dinner, rest for a while and explore the shore of the lake with our bikes.

With our bikes we drive back at the lake on the Italian side, drink an Italian Coffee and enjoy the impressions of the lake surrounded by mountains with their heads still in snow.

My brother phones from home. Mother 97 years old friend has cancelled again the ‘durable power of attorney for health care’ (Vorsorgevollmacht). We need this, that my brother and I can care in case of emergency for my mother. What to do?

We are on our seventh visit to Bath Dryhome since my Old Mom moved there to her old friend. And this 97 years old lady enjoys her power to quarrel. What a joke!

I guess the best will be, to let these old ladies enjoy their way without any interference by my side anymore, because I'm tired by these quarrels.

Short bath in cold mountain lake Laggo Maggiore

Spring in Bath Dryhome

Now I'm here the seventh time, since my Old Mother moved from Bath Laer to Bath Dryhome in October 2006. It's four o'clock in the morning. Last morning at this early time I left our Motor Home at the Lago Maggiore, and went up the Mount Gera in the dark. I disturbed many deer in their morning breakfast in the dark, and returned three hours later.

Mima drives in the heat over the San Bernard Pass and Tunnel. We rest at the ‘Waken lake’ before Zurich. We arrive in the afternoon and meet both old ladies at their usual coffee break.

Mima is very angry with me. It was too much driving. Mima would have preferred to help Old Mother and would make some excursions with the old women.

I couldn't do this. My egoism needs first to care for myself, before I can help my daughter, my mother, my Mimamai.

Therefore I need this voyage in a warrior style, 15 nights in the VW Transporter without shower and toilet. Now I have lost three kilogram weight and now I can understand my woman and the Old Ladies much better.

It's easy to write and to talk, it's easy to drive thousands miles, it's easy to climb mountains, but it's much harder to stand the controversies with these Old Ladies or my young woman in life! Controversies with my Mimamai create hell for my life. That's the power of women.

Mother paid more than around 1500 Euro for the lawyer. Now her 97 years old friend cancels the paper again, because she does not trust neither me nor my brother nor the lawyer.

The lawyer has sent this paper by e-mail. I will use this paper for myself. And my daughter will sign as my care, when I can't care anymore for myself. That can be today in a brain stroke or an accident, that can be in 30 years from now.

First we need love, love, love. My old mother, her 97 years old friend, my Mimamai and I need love and peace to.

Maybe all these quarrels in my life and with people in e-chats are my hard warrior way to find this love and peace inside.

That's all easy written but hard to do. At least this vision of peace and love is getting stronger and stronger inside. May grace of existence show me a way to walk my talk!

Young Mima and Old Mom