Playing in Munich with Power and Pomp

This little Sunday story is written around some pictures. These pictures came on the first sunny spring Saturday in front of my camera. My woman has left me for a week to visit her old friend before my time. Mima colors wax for her candles to sell on next Christmas Market. When I have passed the chapel from the Northern Munich Cemetary a trailer with advertisings for 'boxing over 30' reminds on the daily fight. Therefore the subject: 'Playing in Munich with Power and Pomp'.

What I love in 'My Munich' is the concept of freedom. We live in the part of the town called 'old free man'. Many pubs around the University Area start in a part called 'Munich Freedom'. A coffee house in red rose attracts many people to relax. One man sells self made silver chains on the street, where people sit outside and enjoy coffee, icecream and beer. A little dogs helps to sell silver chains better.

It's like all are playing  with power and pomp to attract attention of people like us:
cute little kids.