Real  vs. virtual life: Ehrwald

Eric enthusiastic: 'Wow Erhard, quality, quality! Japanese refinement of emotions ... so ungerman of you.' (Msg: #32078 of 32122, Thu Feb 1, 2007 1:25 pm).

Thanx Eric! Maybe I should better write positive praises instead of pesting provocations?

Create cosy calculations connections? :-)


Sunset on Ammersee - near Munich

Mind- and finger- exercises put words in line. It’s the fight for your attention: Satsang films in youTube, advices for or against Yoga, for or against Buddha, Osho, Jesus for or against everyone.

All advertisings: Some create cultural entertainment or education. Isn't this a poor mirror of reality!? Ganga is clear and asks directly:

Holyday work: New illumination for Mima's Market Hut

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Sat Feb 3, 2007 8:31 am (PST)

Love- Light - Great Peace & IS


In reading the site you know that there is now a consultation fee. The recommended donation is $50. If you want aide on your path and life journey then this Guru is more than happy to aide you but it will require an exchange to keep the flow in place. Once there is a donation made then we may begin.

If you are simply surfing the net and looking for someone to get caught up in your story and offer *free advice* then more than likely what you are going to find is not one that has mastered the journey but another seeker that is still looking for the way through.

Maha Shanti OM

Daughter Esther with money for mushroom cure

Feelings about e-chats: Pornographic provocations in weird word floods. Master minds shoot one arrow after another on the castle of muscles armour. Maybe F/M energies are more longing to sweat in gender fights of a strong, sophisticate lover in full moon receptivity? Maybe sexual gymnastic could help better to find a key to the heart? But words?

Words rustle like leaves in a tree. Who is impressed? At the best you read what you think and find support for your view! Who wants to read thoughts - worse than bogus, when thoughts are opposite to your own? I love this honest quest of an young Indian:

Madonna with Child in Monastery Ettal

''I am sure that I might be able to handle 10000 buddhas and 10000 N0bys but really I am not sure whether I can handle a Single Wife


whether I can handle a Single Wife?

Yes Jeeva, both we are, most of us are sure, that we can handle words! But life handles us! A woman alive handles you better than you could care for yourself. That's my experience.

Doubt remains: Who could ever satisfy parents, teachers, partners, friends, lovers or Masters? Who was ever satisfied?

But life handles us!

After 20, 25 years of restless search I found a partner, my Mimamai. She is a simple woman. She is not interested, who writes whom what. Once she talked with Gene Poole via Sky Phone. Both had fun.

That's my last mail for Gene's Gulag, because Gene has deleted again, what he doesn't like to read. I'm tired of these EGO-istic approach to reality! I'm tired of private letters like from Veet Tom, Anand Sukanpally or Mareen Nadeen! Either we continue our process in an open group or leave me alone, please. Energy is not endless.

My recreation: Mimamai gleams such a marvellous joy from inside. Existence has her designed more to please than to tease me.

my last mail for Gene

Our talks our little excursions, our meals, our way of life is simple. We celebrate together a short week end voyage in the mountains nearby.

our little excursions :-)

 We spend two nights at the Zugspitz Camping. The gas oven heats the VW Transporter, Mima's Christmas Market truck in double function as Camping Car. We have designed the construction for our simple need: a gas heater is a must in snow camping. 10 litre fresh, 10 litre used water, two flames for cooking, a small cupboard and four wooden planks to sleep on our thin mattresses in our sleeping bags. We have packed our ski equipment, several pairs of shoes, swim and sauna equipment, food, hot red wine at night with a lot of water. Mind needs to rest from the media buffer ‘over flow’: TV, Internet, newspapers, magazines Mind needs to rest and body wants to move. In these days something inside feels closer to 'reality'. The result is obvious: I feel happy!

two nights at the Zugspitz Camping

Mind moving media quarrels make my stomach sick after four, five days! Body needs to escape in reality and needs to leave cyber communication behind. Forgive me, friends, but that's so true.

And I guess, most are happier, when I don't write.