Christmas Care

Dear Readers,

thanks for staying together still here with us in our ''Free Speech'' vision. In Christmas caring for Mima's Market, my old mother and my beloved daughter my motivations for e-mails fade away.

My brother, my daughter, my woman Mima and my old mother, friends close to me know, how much I try to care. Carings 'cost' energy.

In a nice skype call with Gene this morning fantasies dream away in a long journey all along the Rocky Mountains roads. Or I dream myself away in a four wheel drive motor home to travel through South Amerika like Dorothe and Klaus.

Or my dreams travel around India towards the himalayas heights. But: in Munich I stay, play and care and carry as much and long as possible. Mimamai helps me like I help her.

Five long journeys last weeks from Munich to Bamberg and back, new batteries for my Volkswagen and the Smart car of Esther, and finally some days to rest in front of my desktop - what a relief!

I sold several hours in Mima's Market Hut these little items, toys, candles or little houses for tealights. Nearly 30 years ago I sold insurances in the same time and got much more money. Mima and I are not rich, but most times happy people.

My daughter continues her healing fasting only on herbal teas and other fluids today the fifteenth day. And she will continue this cure for six weeks!

All my thoughts are focussed on her healing process - therefore not much energy left.

Happy New Year 2007!

Esther Sunday, 12-24-2006, long walk 
on Staffelstein Mountain