Enemies inside, outside

My daughter Esther and my friend Michael Kabir are very close to my heart. They  have to fight the enemy inside: Esther has to fight cancer cells,  Michael overweight and diabetes.

As far I watch people and myself inside, it's entertaining, to fight enemies outside. Everybody wants to beat, but nobody wants to be beaten. Therefore it's obvious:

'Truth' are pleasing lies.
Lies are 'truth', that hurts.

German's history from times of WW2 is well known meanwhile: Hitler's willing helpers fight 'evil' worldwide. After 1945 most Germans slowly recognized, that 'evil' was inside, in their own mind.

As far we listen in Old Europe to Germans media: Before the Iraq war against 'axis of evil' most US media supported this war. Somehow it was like a selling entertainment for the media and politicians.

'Truth' are pleasing lies.
Lies are 'truth', that hurts.'

The same media nowadays change the public opinion. The truth to loose the war hurts. The once winning truth to fight evil is now a lie. 

Yes, I admit, I love to watch the evil forces fight outside in all kind of media and in myself too. I love to watch engrossing movies from Holly- or Bollywood. Vipassana meditation exercises, watching my thoughts sitting silently, is boring. Isn't it much more thrilling, to feel overwhelmed by sex and crime on the screen outside?

Isn't it a billion dollar biz, to produce and sell violent games like Doom or Counter Strike plus hundred thousands of violent movies? Isn't the Formula 1 racing competition harmful for the environment? Aren't world wide spectacle like wrestling or boxing championship a celebration of mad violence? Doesn't the torturous medical and physical trained artists attract million people like in bike Tours de France or other sport disciplines?

Isn't it a well known fact, that missionaries and priests victimize people in the name of 'love and help'? Isn't it a scientific, historical fact, that in the religious organisations spread violence and war till today?

What kind of sublime violence hides behind New Age Religions? Don't sell priests 'love, Advaita, Satsang, prayer, 'meditation' or other honey sucking labels from which dead Guru organisation ever? 

Basically these mental and physical war games root in the hallucination: 'US and THEM'! 

the hallucination: 'US and THEM'! 

Oh, yes, as son of an old German warrior, I love these fantasy quarrels with cyber friends: 'US and THEM'! My floppy fingers feel 'un-breakable' in front of my keyboard, my mind feels so strong - behind the screen. 

How lucky I am, to have my 'beloved enemy evil friends' outside my little desktop cyber world! How ridiculous my gleeful, greedy gaining games, my cyber counter strike versus enemies outside!

What weird world of craziness I love to create! Am I the only one? When a wolf meets a wolf, one wolf greets the other. But when a man meets a man, the mind is alarmed: 'Uhhh! A murderer!' Can't 'religious people' stand this and try to meet the 'Messiahs' - even in e-chats?!

So sorry, that the last 'enlightened entertainer' in our group of Free Speech vision is OZAY, the axe man! No coincidence: our wonderful axe man, the awful admirable, has forged his Swedish steal mind in years of hell fire in prison cells behind Swedish steal bars. In Germay we say 'behind Swedish curtains'.

Guess German General fathers couldn't teach their children better the art of war! My friend Michael Kabir can help to cure 'mind enlightenment evil' .

My daughter tries to fight the enemy inside by a six week hunger diet. The first 14 days she stays in quite place in the country. 

Ingo Esther