Mima's Christmas Market

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Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:16 pm

  • On day one man created God in his own image.
  • On day two man invented the law of Karma according to his own split conscience.
  • On day three men and women decided to take it seriously and invented the Goddess of Love as well as the God of War.
  • On day four the Liars Guild took Truth for a mascot. Women and men started to use the word "my" thirty times more often as "thy" - especially in conjunction with Love, Truth and Life.
  • On day five man started to become aware of the bullshit he had created, but he did not simply throw away all the rubbish out of  his life. He rather began decorating himself with flowers and call it "to be on the path back to myself" - or "re-ligion".
  • On day six Misery gave birth to Saviour, Therapist and Master.
  • On the seventh day man fell asleep and stress  disappeared from the surface of the earth.
I think, simply dying is enough to fulfill my destination. Everything else is surplus material on the DVD of life: scenes nobody wanted to see, interviews with the ignorants, avertising for other movies and copyright notices everybody hates.

Michael (c) 1945

This story tells about our life, the life of my woman Mimamai,

my Munich Master of Nastiness Michael Kabir Sangit Jivano

and many, many others, who are somehow connected with us.

Still in November one of these funny, sunny days gives me the opportunity, to take a short bath in the cold water in the lake near my job.

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Mon Nov 20, 2006 10:42 pm

stopping the mind does not stop the ego but grows a spiritual one

To maintain those ego-blocks costs the most energy. Hence when one becomes tired and exausted, chances are, that the ego becomes tired and weak first. Then the natural energy can flow more easily. That's the main reason why exaustive marathon groups allow new experiences.

What is also not taken into account in Ozays energy theory, that the energy level of the system can be rised - for example by bioenergetic exercises or thru extreme emotional situations. Marathon runner or person doing extreme sports know, that extreme activity will not seldom lead to transpersonal experiences. Especially if such energy-rising activities are done in a way, where the ego is not also strengthened together with the bioenergy, breakthroughs are bound to happen.

The defects in Ozays system

are obviously the result of Ozays mind-control. By exercising his will to stop his mind, he has exercised some sort of subtle domination of his mind over his mind and thus grown a stronger, more tricky and spiritual mind. A very common pitfall for seekers without the control thru a spiritual friend.


In this hour about noon I leave my cushy chair at my desktop, walk, have lunch or even swim. Bavaria – like every region on our beloved Mother Earth – donates all treasures, to sustain and enjoy life. When my stomach is filled and free time is left, one of my joys are thoughts from friend Munich Master of Nastiness Michael. With thankfulness Michael has again donated his wonderful insights for us in our free n0by group gathering.

For our bodily well-being a heavy truck brings bear for the thirsty Bavarian natives, who are enriched by tourists from all over the world.


In a similar way the worldwide web connection enriches my Bavarian bordered bushwhacker's brain. With light overweight in my job I enjoy my e-mail connections with people all over the world.

 Thankfully exciting connections

like Ganga

deserve new web-sites – an easy free time production, when I wait in my job for articles or when I relax at home in my fantasy world in caring connection with friends. My best friend is my woman Mimamai – with new glasses.


When I leave my job for the November week end my Munich Master of Nastiness Michael has started his furious fire works of words. My daughter in Nuremberg has similar insights like Ganga i.e. in Mexico – and insights are felt as worthy, even when they hurt sometimes.

My lovely daughter tells her truth with this sort of winning smile, no father can resist.

My ears wide open like my mouth swallows the Bavarian basic food: beer – ahhh.


At Friday night I arrive in Bamberg, where I have to help my woman Mimamai to arrange her Christmas Market for the coming hardest working week of our year.

We have to store the first equipment in her VW Transporter, our Sea Cow for summer excursions.

Bamberg impresses most people. I feel the first meeting in love with my Mimamai – now nearly 10 years ago. We both remember the places, where we made love.

At this river Regnitz we walked in the park, dark at night and celebrated our first wild outdoor connections.

Behind this marvellous mansion Mima has rented for Christmas Market week our holyday apartment.

With Mima’s family we enjoy our Sunday meal, her old father, her older brother Cristoph and Wilfrid at the windows. Wilfrid is the brother of Klaus, who travels through South America for one year with his old Mercedes Benz.

We know Wilfried from Mima’s father. His friend is the mother of these adventurous men Wilfrid and Klaus.

Wilfrid lives now in France, repairs old cars, sells his works via e-Bay, and has worked with computers for some years.

Sunday afternoon we invite Mima’s family in our holiday apartment.

Later on Sunday afternoon we have to arrange her Christmas Market. This year Mimamai has two metres space more on the market place. On this space she wants a crib covered with wooden bricks. Her friend ‘Bibs’ controls the work. Bibs has constructed her wooden Christmas hut 10 years ago.

Even these hard working handymen have a PC connection there is no time left for e-chat sharing like in our free n0by group gathering.

Now Monday morning our friend Uwe builds up Mima’s wooden market hut. You see the crib with the wooden roof and Mima’s VW Transporter ‘Sea Cow’ in the background.

Uwe just leaves the hut by the door. On the wooden beam we fix the plastic roof as shelter for the threatening rain. But we could finish all work without one rain drop, a gift in November in Germany!

When the roof is fixed, we have to build up several racks, where Mima demonstrates her treasures to sell.

Mima Boss advises her friends Uwe and Fritz, in which direction the new crib should stand.

Late in the afternoon these first steps are all done. I brought the gas oven, fire extinguishers and drive exhausted home 250 Kilometres to Munich. The work in my job has to be finished too!