Munich has a new Synagoge

Blessings Sat*Chit*Anand Shanti-Shanti-Shanti OM 


G thank you for the update. i guess there something for everyone out there.

May all find exactly what they need.

 Love- Light - Great Peace & IS 0


Last night I talked the first time with Swami-G (Ganga). This Lady was felt as warm hearted woman. Thankfully I appreciated the honour to get access in her group. Ganga gives with three files clear rules, how she handles her group ''Kundalini online''. 

Ganga's group

Ganga on Skype phone

The rules in n0by group gathering are the most simple: ''Free Speech''. Anand Sukanpally presents an energetic example with word wrestling. Thanks for your honesty and for the joy Anand Sukanpally!

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Re: compassionate_mystic group started by Anand

But the reactions are almost running in the expected ways.......

I was so surprised dear Jeeva, with so much jealous and funny reactions from the people, as if starting a group is big competition to their business. Fuckers are so jealous....

.....Even this stupid n00by is back to his old stupid games and provoking tantrums. Useless faggot. I fuckked him badly in his own group thousands of times, and shamelessly he tries the same games of provocations, pranks, sayings like westerners or this or that or what not my balls..... I dont give a shit to him and I would rather preffer Sarlo to him. N000by is retarded......... the problem with his postings is nothing makes any can't make head or tail out of it.......except for some ugly blo(g)w jobs...and some photos......we know very well already how he tries with all the groups (e.g. with sarlo, eric, swamy shunyam, sats, etc all osho related
groups...) until they throw him out.....

Anyway You all are welcome to come and join (you already joined and why are you acting like still virgin, you bitch?) and write what ever you feel and enjoy. It's yours, Not my group.....or anything. I don't
believe in such stupid imaginations and illusions, when even I kicked
off biggest non-sense called this world.

Come and talk face to face....

'Jeeva', Stop suckking N000by's old-dickk! 

Make some sense and and stop your stupid non-sense once for you got a golden chance to prove your spiritual knowledge and depth in a positive atmosphere.

And Jeeva, you still want more juicy answers, be brave to post in our group, don't be a faggot like your n00by guru, playing under the cover game. Come and talk face to face....

So all my beloved friends, leave this group and say goodbye and join where you can share your love and spirituality and friendship.



PS: Wait for Few months time, and you will see.....

These e-chats are for me more interesting, when I know more from the world, people are living in.

My letters may hurt a) the religious feelings of  people like Anand Sukanpully and b) the national chauvinist pride of an Indian, some sensitive successor of  beautiful Buddhas dead and alive and sincere Sadhus searching for ''spirituality''.

sincere Sadhus searching for ''spirituality''.

Ganga: ''
May all find exactly what they need.''

11-12-2006: New Synagoge in Central-Munich - 68 years after the Nazi-Destruction of the old one 

The Mosque in Munich North since 11-20-1971

11-12-06 Sunday, 10.00 a.m.: 

many people are curious, to have a first view in the Munich New Synagoge

The glass roof represents the tent, where Israelis found shelter as refugees from Egypt.

The entrance of the Munich Synagoge in an eight metres high stone wall.

Which groups or temples people ever visit, I fully support  Ganga's words:


''May all find exactly what they need.''

But BTW I prefer an environment, where I can write, what I think without any need to play political pleasures for anyone.


thanks to travel a time together