Mom's Birthday: 86 years

Ilona in rose and Mom in green have a long history together: more than 60 years. 

Ilona went with my Mom as young girls in WW2 to Paris, where my father fell in love with her.

So Ilona writes, that my brother and I have to thank her, that we came into life.

These lovely old ladies give great lessons, that all my words are futile - only love holds together, love and tender caring

Ilona (96) and Mom (86) on Mom's birthday celebration

Thursday Gene Poole gives me great reward with a two hour Skype talk over the ocean! Thanks, Gene in Spokane, Washington, to give us such a chance to deepen our connection in mutual sharing!

These talks - no matter if friendly or hostile - give me the feeling, that somehow we are able by grace of existence, to come together to a point, from where both we feel understanding.

So I experience with my Old Mom and her friend Ilona, that old age is beyond understanding, beyond my understanding, beyond my words. I realize, only silence can connect! 

Mom, Mima, Ilona

Preetam from Berlin i.e. can't quarrel anymore, because he is involved in a deeper kind of work with himself. 

I mention Preetam, because he just connects with a skype message, so we start sharing. Preetam limits sharing from my P.O.V. to ''silence, smile and benevolant feelings''!

Has Thomas this kind of sharing in mind, when he watches or produces little YouTube-Films from different ''enlightened entertainers''? 

So sorry, Thomas, and other readers here or wherever, so sorry, it was never my intention, it isn't my intention and it will never be my intention, to entertain people this way!

What can I do, when
Thomas wants to imagine His reality, the way he does? BUT: these imaginations belong to Thomas, HIS longing for GURU and SATSANG and all this HOLY BULLS%*T in HIS MIXED UP MIND! I'm neither a ''MASTER'' nor I give any SATSANG ever - except my digital rantings, where everybody is welcome to join!

And what can I do, when my Old Mom and her friend imagine reality, the way they do?

Mima and Mom:
Silence, smile and benevolant feelings!

How Thomas imagines our personal meeting

thanks Thomas and everyone to entertain us.....

.... with this kind of fun