Our honest house

In Germany there are rules for each and everything. These rules root in the tradition of our country. The tradition of our countries the last one, two hundred years have brought up Kings, Knights, a upper class, a fascist Fuehrer. After the year 1945 Germans exercise Democracy like an heritage after two World War collapses.

In the house, where Mima and I possess an appartment with two balconies and view over a garden with several big trees, in this house the collection of house rules starts:

''The house regulation should help, that all in the house should live peacefully together, respecting each other with tolerance.''

This theory is as beautiful like the different Satsang Movies my friend Thomas in Hamburg explores these days. The web-site ''youtube.com'' presents  thousands of wonderful Guru Movies. Bhagwan, Gurdjieff, Gangagi, Ozay too! Thomas in Hamburg even has uploaded a movie, he made with me.

The reality in my life - and as far I phone long hours via Skype with Thomas - is different. The reality, my reality - and Thomas is another 'real life example', this reality brings quarrels, 'Angst', difficulities.

Therefore I inventend mockeries like ''gain-, greed-, gutsy- society''. This kind of quarrels and fights rule my day to day life, even I earn quite relaxed my money and I live peacefully with my woman. This is a strong basics, to quarrel for fun in e-chats.

Now more facts about the house, where we live in, I mock about as 'honest house'.

Germans exercise Democracy

When we came back from our holiday in Croatia 10.01.06 all bicycles have been removed from the passage between the houses, where we live with many other parties. The tires in Mima's bike have been pierced.

So I repaired the tires once. Next day the tires have been pierced again. Last Saturday (10. 14.) I bought two complete new tires for Mima's bike. I repaired her bike with these two new tires, and I renovated other parts of her bike like the front break.

Next Saturday (10. 21.) her bike was stolen.

The reason to remove all bikes from the passage between the houses is simple: the old people don't like bikes in the passage. These bikes stand there protected from snow and rain, but old people feel disturbed by bikes in the passage. They want bikes stored in the cellars. But most cellars are filled up completly. Our cellar can't store a bike!

Just the very next night from Saturday to Sunday the back tire of my bike was destroyed!

Because of these quarrels, where everybody all the time has to fight for everything, the theories of wise people, the esoteric devices appear like from a fantasy world, where I have definetly NO ACCESS!

From time to time I read a mail from someone - last time from Valerie in Alaska. She wrote in GuruRat, that bears again explore her garage beside her house. That message I love and understand. Even animals fight for their bait.

With mockery my letters start and end: sometimes I feel a little jealous about the people like Thomas. Thomas consolates himself about missing money, wife and job in the traditional, pious way. Nowadays public prayer provides via youtube.com wonderful Satsang preaching and teaching.

 Amen, Hallelujah, Hail, Shalom, Namaste, Inch' Allah, OMMMMM........

old people don't like bikes in the passage

 the back tire of my bike was destroyed