New Speakers

For my feelings the highest realm of fantasy doesn’t unfold with words, the highest peak fantasy touches with music. Music transports words on a flying carpet towards the listener. My Revox Symbol B speakers have lost this mystical touch after two decades.

My Revox Symbol B speakers have lost this mystical touch

After months of market research I am lucky to meet a constructor of speaker systems since three decades. Juergen Beckers comes from Aachen, where I have tried my cabaret music – awful provoking sounds. I can not perform anymore these piano exercises – but I never lost my love for music.

Juergen Beckers - constructor of speaker since 1970

The web-site of Juergen Beckers -  - presents one of his excellent products from 2001 – an electrostatic system for 30.000 Euros - for sale six years ago.

Now Juergen Beckers writes a book about speakers, who have been reference products in the last decades. He builds monitor speakers for prominent tone studios – and there are some very famous ones in Munich.

Music is my retreat. These days a furious dispute in Germany has started about under class problems. The controversy gets higher not because some scientists have ‘discovered’ a mixture of social lost people from all classes drug addicts of all kinds. More horror news threatens, because several babies have been killed by disorientated parents.

New Speaker

Meanwhile politicians admit, that climate is changing – notabene climate of nature. The violence in the cities is getting worse with social injustice. As one outlet people elect rightist in the parliaments. Are some poor parts of our country changing into ‘no go areas’?

Music and nature are my retreat. Music is more my retreat in this dark time of the year, in autumn and in winter.

It's a pity, that such mental giants like Ozay and Great Pope can't perform their letters as Rap Show with free access like on you tube.

Just imagine a mild Great Pope preaching 'Wronger than Wrong' versus Ozay in his shawdow boxing film: 'WRONGER THAN WRONG!'

RASA performs with her back angel chorus her 'NEW RULES': GOLDEN RULE is that THE GODDESS MAKES THE RULES 

'Yeah', wouldn't this be even better fun?

Speakers - produced by Juergen Beckers