Croatia - Cres - Kabir

Facts: Holyday Wednesday 09.20. - 10.01. 2006

Tuesday: after work high way drive Munich - Salzburg - St. Martin (Austria)

Wednesday: Croatia Mediterranean Sea Camping Place Medveja, fishermen village on the Opatija Riviera

Thursday: bike tour at the beach to Lovran, Ika

Friday: With motor home 'Sea Cow' from beach camping Medveja on little roads to Poklon (951 Metres) - with bike through the forest to the highest mountain Vojak (1401 Metres) - 30 Kilometres more on Sea Cow for a visit in the little village Plomin then to the harbour Brestova - ship to island Cres - nude Camping park (

Saturday: Cres, Old City with harbour - lunch with red wine 

Sunday: all day walk to the other side ov the Island, harbour Merag (ship for next Island Krk)

Monday till - Friday: little, lazy excursion on the Island Cres, next fishermen village Valun, two evenings with Camping neighbours Kirsten and Emil

Saturday: next Island Krk, nudist camp Politin (

Saturday night: Ozziacher lake, Villach Austria

Sunday: home via thermal bath Endorf and Wasserburg

Croatia Mediterranean Sea Camping Place Medveja

The voyage to the Croatian sea is quick and easy. We start after the work is done, rest one night in an Austrian little village 'St. Michael' and arrive the other day at the Mediterranean, next to the City Opajia. 

Four days later I sit naked in a half sunny place under old trees and watch the green - blue sea 50 metres in front of me. Several olive trees before me invite yellow butterflies to dance drunken in the warm end summer day with around 25 degrees Celsius. 

Mimamai suffers from monthly emotional stress, P.M.S., I keep silent and don't argue at all. I sip delicious red wine, watch the young blonde neighbour, drive at the sea side on bike, buy precious products from this island Cres like olives, tomatoes, cheese and red wine.

After two glasses wine my memories wander back to my old Munich friend Kabir, aka Michael, aka Sangit Jivano. Two times I have visited him already in hospitals the last seven years. 

Before our holiday he had to stay again one week in an hospital this September, he told me on the phone. The diagnosis threatens: Michael suffers from diabetes and has to inject under his belly fat four times a day medicine. 

Michael Kabir Sangit Jivano will not read my thoughts about his life. Why should he read, what I think about him? Michael dives like everybody into his own experiences. Therefore Michael-Kabir knows best like everybody, what he needs to know. 

When someone starts to write or to tell something about others, the direction is obvious: the one, who writes or tells stories, is right. Stories reveal, what's going wrong - with other people's life.

Kabir told me many times, that a serious sickness has to balance karmic debt from previous life. With this ideology sickness has some value! Could this be the reason, that he sounds a bit proud on the phone with his news? 'I have diabetes.'

my old Munich friend Kabir, aka Michael, aka Sangit Jivano

Since years I have told Kabir, that he needs to move his body! Around five years ago I was happy, when he bought a bike. With his new vehicle he drove around a corner in high speed, fell flat on the ground, broke one shoulder and destroyed his bike. Since years now he sits in front of the screen, organizes his web-service as conscientious provider. Frustrated he stuffs his belly with to much food. Finally existence writes a bill: Diabetes!

When a friend is in trouble, trouble comes closer to me. Life is threatening! What can be done?

My one and only way 'to do something' is to write. These thoughts come in a warm night, in a warm sleepless night, when midnight has passed.

Stars shine from the clear dark blue sky. The sea is calm, but my stomach fights. This fight feels like cells in a desperate battle to survive somehow, but death, death of the cells is inevitable.

Mind supports this battle with thoughts. Thoughts console yourself, when the fight for life is lost or thoughts praise your strength, beauty and health. In winning mood mind praises the body fight with fine ideologies: ' 'Paradise here now' or 'Paradise after death', 'enlightenment', 'moksha', 'shaktipad', 'nirwana now', 'meditation', 'no mind' or 'beyond mind'. Or mind fantasizes about 'psychic skills' or 'supernatural power'?

Whatever: mind functions to feel successful, no matter if you are coming closer to death. Mind pretends 'knowledge', 'will power', 'spiritual achievements' and at the end 'a final understanding of the deepest secrets of the creation'.

Mediocre minds find professional preacher men to satisfy their need. More sophisticated minds entertain themselves and others with stories. 

This story could be finished with the confession, that once again my stomach lost the fight to digest a meal like this costly fish with baked fat potatoes in olive oil at the romantic fisher harbour of the picturesque Island town Cres. 

the romantic fisher harbour of the picturesque Island town Cres

But as long body cells fight for life, mind invents beautiful ideologies like 'paradise', 'no mind' or like 'nirvana'.

My mind reports: neither mind nor body have ever experienced such spiritual consolation or praised promises from New or Old Age Religions!

For me these priests praising and preaching sound like hypocrisy of a political cunning class, who avoid other work. Lies sell - special to fools, ready to believe in words and 'meditation exercises' or 'prayers'. Fools are so easy to 'transform' by mild melodious or hammering hating words into a 'state of hypnosis'. People gather in groups and listen devotional to all kind of promises: 

'You sacrifice yourself in the battle field of honour'. 

'You will reach heaven with 90 willing serving virgins!' 

'You will reach enlightenment, moksha, meditative nirvana now!'

Bullshit, all bullshit!

Kabir aka Michael aka Sangit Jivano aka Ka aka S. Seika could have pretended his 'enlightenment' years ago. Since this 'enlightenment' Kabir could have repeated common fantasies like:

'My health is out of control, because the body chain is broken, since I have achieved enlightenment'. 

But Kabir could not repeat these lies, coming from Far East nowadays as mass phenomenon to Western Countries. 

Bullshit, pure bullshit for sale!

The truth is, my truth: all body cells fight to digest food and impressions with delight. Otherwise the stomach vomits as helpful healing. All body cells fight to see the morning light once again. Otherwise the fight is lost and the last breath closes the curtain on the theatre alive for ever. 

Kabir aka Michael aka Sangit Jivano aka Ka aka S. Seika could have pretended his 'enlightenment' years ago. 

Priests fantasy, what can happen before or what will happen after death. These 'wise words', these 'Holy Books and Bibles', nothing but bloody bullshit and lies!

There is no harm, to entertain yourself like Kabir enjoys himself with 'ambient music' from web streams on his silent pc - no matter of cost: the feelings are fine, sweet like red wine coming into my stomach on sunset and getting out of my stomach via my vomiting mouth after midnight. No matter of cost, no matter of prize: the fight for life is won one day more - this too will pass! 

Till the very last breath some precious wonders console and entertain ourselves like music, like paintings, like Holy Bibles or Holy Days in holydays. At the end finally the mask breaks and leaves the body with famous 'last words' like

'Father, why do you have forsaken meeee' 


'I leave you myyyyy dream!

or more mundane:

'I leave you alone!'

But it's not a question at all about to die, the challenge is life! The question is, how to stay fully and joyful alive!

'Father, why do you have forsaken meeee' 

My answer in this very moment is simple: It's 3.00 a.m. in this silent night at the wonderful Camping nudist park ( Neighbours finished talks around midnight. Under the electric light my thoughts wander via my fingertips into my 10 years old PSION palmtop and maybe later via web-connection to others, the beloved readers.

This place in the night is absolute peaceful. From time to time the wind blows over the olive trees. The waves of the sea murmur softly. Some beetle flies above my head around the lantern.

Again the subject burns in my mind: the fight for life, fight for your byte! The freedom of expression versus censorship hidden in the heads and in public places.

For my feelings an unholy alliance of so called 'religious Fuehrer' cut the free expression of lust and life again. This alliance connects Ayatollah Muslim with Christ Catholic Priests together in peace pretending preaching. But underneath these Fuehrer organize war against the 'opposite religious group', to keep their customers closer connected. 

The Bavarian Pope on his visit at his birth region agitated the Muslims Ayatollahs with a quote of a long forgotten Emperor: 'What blessing had brought your Prophet? None, to convert people with the sword into religious followers brings up violence only.'

Ayatollahs protect their 'Prophet' versus 'Pope attack'. Before the mob takes revenge again like burning down embassies in Muslim countries, because a Danish Newspaper publishes some caricatures about this 'Prophet', the Pope invites Ayatollah priests to a Vatican conference. This gathering looks like a friendly meeting on the outside. Inside the religious Fuehrer fight for attention of their followers. Fuehrer benefit from quarrels.

Same game again: In Germany starts an Islamic Conference. The day before a Berlin Theatre Leader has cancelled the Mozart Opera 'Idomeneo'. The director of this Opera has shocked 2003 the public with his Mozart interpretation already. Not because he has showed angels on bike, but because he let cut off the heads of 'God figures Poseidon, Jesus and this so called Prophet'.

An anonymous phone call threatens the police. The Police warns about a security risk, to show this interpretation of a Mozart Opera. So the responsible Fuehrer cancelled the show, because she is afraid of violent attacks against visitors or actors or against her theatre.

Since decades Germany and other European countries, France, Netherlands, Great Britain i.e. host hundred thousands of Muslim people. Seldom these people accept the Western modern life style with free sexuality, none or few children. 

More Middle Age religious belief system forces women to produce one child after another. So the number of religious followers is growing. Some weird wild young men of the third generation of our European Muslims have already chosen a 'career as suicidal bombers'.

This relates with the Western life style of 'maximum lust here now', you can immediately get with drugs. This for sure is not a Muslim story, because a bottle beer and a stomach bitter inspire my night under the sea side lantern.

For my feelings the survival challenge for earth resources food, fresh air and water, energy etc. is getting harder and harder each day! The political and religious Fuehrer have recognized these facts in their calculative minds long before ordinary people suffer from the consequences.

The consequences of fights for the basics of life have been war, are wars right now, will be wars.

This war starts with this kind of spitshituality censorship in the heads, to pretend peace some more months longer. Underneath the secrets agencies fight versus terrorists attackers, the Central Intelligence Agents plan protective wars. The asymmetric answering weird wild warriors prepare themselves to 'sacrifice for higher and highest values: homeland, religion and God'!

In these mechanics of rotten minds life is the challenge - not death! Health helps to survive. But a German minister for inner affairs in a wheel chair right now could be helpful in a fight versus suicide bombers!

Like the wise old man Kabir with diabetes could be helpful to sugar coat the acid destructive mind of warriors in the challenge to survive.

This place in the night is absolute peaceful. 

Last night at the Mediterranean. The voyage stops one night at the Nudist Camp on the town Krk at the island Krk. We left Cres early enough, to arrive at 9.0 a.m. at the Camping place in Krk. Many more fishes we admired there in the water over the rocks.

The little town with an old Christian cathedral from the 5th century and the tiny streets give an exciting impression.

We had so much fun in a shop. I bought Mima a set of orange clothes made from silk and cotton only. We laugh so much and Mima plays my photo model at the beach in her orange new outfit.

The yellow moon spread mild light over the sea, the electric lamp from the town Krk half hour walk away inspire for dreams pf peace and laughter. 

A fisher boat just murmurs by in front of me. For a short moment the captain showed up, when he crossed the moon light line over the sea. 

The temperature falls first night below 15 degrees Celsius. We feel like loaded with peace, romantic love, - no single rain drop in Croatia. A marvellous experience again, how beautiful life can be. A life in luxury, all time left for us, to do, what ever comes into our mind. 

We left Cres early enough

Next night: Still a few hours of our last night left from the journey. We rest at the Ossiacher lake in Austria near the village Villach. This journey story is still incomplete, until there is not my shy confession, that every life is somehow felt with a divine connection.

When I watch the little beetle, bird, fish, when I watch big mammals like a donkey, a horse, the cows, when I watch my woman Mimamai, when I watch myself, somehow I have to confess, I watch a divine connection with existence.

Each of these divine connected life seem to follow their own evolution and belief systems. The Bavarian Pope i.e. believes, that mind reflects G*D's logical love to all of his creatures.

There maybe somewhere an Ayatollah in a poor country in Far East, who believes, that G*D wants to fight the Christians Cross Knights, who destroy and exploit the original, pure G*D vision of the 'Prophet's'.

For sure there are thousands of New Age religious fanatics, who believe in the benefit of 'Enlightenment, Nirvana, No-Mind-Beyond-Mind, Moksha, Shaktipad'.

For my feelings every man alive has to go into his own experiences. 

When the President of the 'Free World' has the power and the vision, to fight the 'terror thread' worldwide with Billions of U.S. Dollars, G*D will be on his side and on the side of his soldiers and followers.

When the Terrorist Attackers in this asymmetric war fight somehow, somewhere like in 9/11 G*D supports their side too.

Men have to experience for themselves, what kind of life is worth to live - or what kind of belief is worth, to sacrifice life.

In this my old age near to 60 or over 60 years like Kabir there seems no way anymore, to change anything. Life moves slowly but inevitable in deathly direction. Hairs getting grey colours or are lost all.

Experiences give somehow a glimpse, how the final curtain will end this theatre of life. Osama Bin Laden maybe died from severe sickness somewhere and somehow. But still this man will be an idol of millions of Muslims.

One President of the 'Free World' like Ronald Reagon have died with Alzheimer, the next one will incorporate the hopes of millions for 'freedom, justice and richness'. 

The best beliefs balance life with death in a peaceful mood. Everybody experiences G*D's tr*th for herself. 

Like my Mimamai deeply snores in these early morning hours, my mind entertains myself with these thoughts. My Mimamai will never dive into these world of thoughts, neither my brothers nor Kabir will. 

Nevertheless my Mimamai, Kabir and my brothers like all people experience their tr*th with similar intensity like these thoughts keep me awake. 

There is no 'right', no 'wrong' in any experience, there may only be a necessity. 

Survival instincts judge actions of others as 'good', who benefit our plans. Survival instincts judge actions of others as 'bad', who damage our plans. But behind 'our' plans a divine power provides bigger plans for our little life, who maybe bring sickness, death and destruction. All denial will be in vain, when only acceptance will be possible. 

when I watch big mammals like a donkey