Load on my shoulders (Hindelang II)


Hindelang - Motorhome Park Place grassland

- Hinterstein (behind stone) 
- bike tour to Giebelhaus and Bearground 13....
- walk to 'Heavens Corner' - 2.000

- Hinterstein - Willersalpe - Punten (2045)

- Oberjoch, Austria - Vilsalpsee (1168), Reutte, Plansee

My daughter has visited the Professor. The medicine man recommends an operation. But my daughter waits for an other vision. She starts to study now all about cancer. She searches for another way of healing.

She will reduce her efforts to study the last months before her last state examination. She will relax more and support her body with healing energy.

My only comment: 'Life is a fight - specially against cancer cells.'

She knows.

Both we know, that we don't know anything. That's why I can't give any device.

Tired, I feel utterly tired. The body fights step for step upwards. The shirt is wet with sweat. My exhausted body takes a bit of sleep in the shadow of a tree, till the body is freezing and needs to move again. Mountain animals move next to me. Pleasure starts behind pain.

Stars shine at night from the clear sky. After the morning rain great grey clouds scratch the mountain heads. But clouds keep their drops to themselves

Silence and solitude are my best friends. Last connections to rare friends via E-Mail sharing fade more and more away.

As far I watch people writing in other e-groups, where I'm banned, I have not much to comment. Peace with my sorrows! I just read Michael-Kabir, who lectures Dharia-Tatina in Sarlo's group ''LivingOsho'' - even the name of this group sounds for me like a ''political lie''. Kabir opens a group: ''LivingEgoOsho''.

Kabir opens a group: ''LivingEgoOsho''.

With a little bottle sweet wine sleep is cordially invited. Silence, solitude and sleep are like best friends.

Sun on Saturday sends a sweet seduction, to climb up again. 

The sign announces three hours walk, to climb 1180 Metres higher from Hinterstein (866) to the mountain Punten (2045). My feet sweat in sandals. My body needs the double time: six hours!

Strong horses bring all load up on the steep, stony way to Willersalpe (1456). No cars, no helicopter, no cable train connects this alp with the valley village Hinterstein.

On my way back to the valley I rest on this alp for a while. I scan a week end journal. The world famous physicist Stephan Hawkins ponders about, how humans will survive the coming century. Hawkins suggests, that humans have to leave Mother Earth, to settle on other planets.

A famous German philosopher Slotterdjik, an old Bhagwan disciple, argues astonished: 'For Juifs is not even thinkable to abandon Israel. But all humans are not offended with such an idea to leave Mother Earth!?'

In Sunday rain I drive home, enjoy my very cold morning bath in the Vilsalpsee. Mima has no work on Sunday in her Café. So we go downtown Munich. I invite her for dinner and into the movie: ''Who dies earlier, is longer dead.' That's a heart touching new Bavarian Comedy.

My thoughts wander to my daughter. I feel a big load on my shoulders: Have we not given her enough joy in life, to stay healthy?