The curse of our ancestors


Friday: Munich - Hindelang - Hirschberg

Saturday: Oberjoch (1136) - Iseler (1876) - Austria walk seven hours

evening: Home 180 Kilometres, 1.45 hours

Rainbow, a signal of hope

It's hard, nearly impossible, to write at home. My woman Mimamai cares, cleans, cooks and creates a cosy atmosphere of love. After a July without nearly one rain drop, the first two weeks of August brings rain only. The burned grass has recovered at the little lakes, where hundred of people was swimming. Now the water is cold and clear again and much more inviting to swim for me.

A lonesome, sleepless night fortifies a connection with the mysteries and miseries of life. My soliloquy starts on the Camping Place ''Wiesengrund'' (grassland ground) in the mountain village Hindelang. 

What terrible tension turns young people into mass murderers? Awake for hours BBC London brings via short wave the terrible, incredible news: They report details about the next new war Israel versus Hisbollah / Lebanon. In south Lebanon the hunger, pain and pestilence catastrophe in these destroyed villages comes closer each day, when this war will not be finished soon!

Meanwhile the situation in Iraq moves into a civil war. German troops stay in Afghanistan. Our politicians preach: ''We have to defend our freedom in the Hindukush.'' Egypt, Pakistan, India, Usbekistan, Turkrey - flames of wars can get higher and higher. The situations seems to sled in a deeper crisis than Cuba 1962.

Our human body is a most sensitive and delicate organism. It would be hard for me only to survive one night here in the height rainy mountains near to freezing. 

In Mima's Camping Transporter, her ''Seacow'' are all these basics, to give comfort and joy: heater, oven, water, light, radio, bed, table, food, this palmtop. In those nights my mixed up mind finds relaxing peace again.

In Mima's Camping Transporter, 
her ''Seacow'' are all these basics,
 to give comfort and joy

It's easy to understand, that in free time fantasies people are tired of quarrels and controversies. Many people are like my Mimamai at home: she doesn't listen to the news about war or terrorists! 

Warriors enjoy quarrels. Mind enjoys fights and judgements. Priests and politicians pollute this nature of mind with fundamental values. Everybody defends G*D's Own Country - best with blood. 

Many in n0by group are tired to continue our mind games and exercises. So our gathering gets older and colder, coming closer to death. When females leave, soon boys are bored. Rasa von Werner preaching remain unanswered. Sermons are written, to peace an author's mind like everybody prays for herself.

The situation reminds me on the time in Germany before the World Wars. After WW1 in Germany six million unemployed people suffered from poverty, hunger, missing medicine support in poor, cold, wet flats. It's not part of our culture, that the rich share with the poor ones.

Similar seems nowadays the global situation: Rich rare share with poor ones. Governors sell out their countries resources for toys of luxury. Many Muslims feel betrayed from this economic exploitation. Mother Earth can't satisfy global greed anymore. Resources are limited. Materials suffer from shorter to shorter supply: water, soil, air, fuel, food. Animal races die out..

This terrible tension explodes in local disaster. Terrorists prepare suicidal mass murder attacks. Secret agents stop these terrorists now, who tried to attack aeroplanes. What comes next? Where roots this evil? Who is the enemy?

My feelings say: ''Everybody fulfils G*D's plan''. For this game everybody presents an eminent EGO with infinite self esteem. Prominent politicians like Bush, Sheich Nasrallah or Osama bin Laden present the will of manipulated masses, ready to die and to kill for their conditioned convictions. When controversies grow, the power of the Fuehrer grows too. Mind needs to fight and to win, to praise own EGO believes of superior self esteem. In this way ''Everybody feels as Messenger of G*D''! Hallelujah, Amen, Inch' Allah, Shalom!

These games have no peace, no sharing, no bliss, no silence, no end. Do we need entertainment like football, racing cars, theatres, films, wars or churches?!

''Everybody fulfils G*D's plan'

''Everybody feels as Messenger of G*D''! 

Wise men like Socrates, Jesus or Bhagwan have shared their vision. These Messengers of Mysteries have sacrificied their life with and for us.
  • Socrates talked till his very last breath in Athens, the oldest democracy. There somewhere must be born this idea: freedom of speech. Socrates sacrificed his life for his freedom to speak.
  • Jesus shared his vision, to love the poor, sick, weak and lost ones in a slaveholder society. It was an entertainment in Roman society, to kill people for fun. Highest class kill from desktop. No judge saved Jesus. He sacrificed his life for his vision.
  • Bhagwan created an environment, where even money millionaires invested their richness for spiritual growth. The deal was, is and will be, to sacrifice richness for your inner world. Few enter into the paradise peace oasis of no-mind, who crossed the ocean of desires! Bhagwan sacrificed his life in an early death for his vision.
Rich ones may live longer. Maybe it's worth to watch, what kind of life brings most millionaires to what kind of death? 

Seven hours I walk in mountain, and I cross the border to Austria. Mimamai calls me up: ''Esther has a problem. The Professor has operated her in May and has forgotten, to send her the result of the diagnosis: cancer.''

Now Eshter, my daughter, we know this truth - two months before her final state examination as jurist! 

In fast speed I drive home to Mimamai. Tuesday is a public holiday. Tomorrow I'll drive to Nuremberg after my office hours, to console her with money and .... What to do?

I cross the border to Austria.