Tired of people and communication




- Sunday: Nuremberg-Bamberg, my daughter, friends in Lichtenfels

-: Monday: Bamberg - Mima's trailer in a new Garage

- Tuesday: Home via Nuremberg - dinner with my daughter

Greetings from Michael-Kabir:

''Spirituality is an ego trip.''

''To go for your self means to go for annihilation.''

Hot summer days in the July are perfect for week end journeys. Some friends I visit, who don't share their life in public e-mails. Even I meet these friends in reality, the distance between ''you'' and ''me'' seems unbridgeable.

One fact fits for most of us: everybody thinks, to enjoy life fully!

From my observations I doubt, that these joyful demonstrations are true. The 45 years old IT nerd i.e. lives in dark rooms, filled with huge piles of old technical journals. He doesn't leave his rooms in the summer heat. He works during the nights. He has too much food, too much alcohol, too much weight.

The old retired Professor, 70 years, feels lonely in his big house, rarely meets friends., hasn't time, to arrange all his things. Health and strength slowly pass by.

The 45 years old IT nerd i.e. lives in dark rooms,

Friends in the new Pizzeria Panorama

With Mima we meet her old friends from the last quarter century. The doctor drinks too much and drives his car. It seems to be a usual procedure, to reduce tension with Marihuana. One far related friend from Satsang meetings with Mikaire has started a restaurant with his new wife and new born baby 40 Kilometres away from Bamberg. The buisiness is bad. Immigrants from Russia live in the next blocks, which never are or will be guests. He complains that not only money is missing, more the little village, the job and people, all is so boring and dull! His wife feeds the baby by her breast. Everybody seems to suffer.

Reading newspapers or e-mails creates similar feelings: everybody seems to suffer! This collective suffering culminates once again in the war Israel/Lebanon.

There are exceptions of this sad depressive mood! Once in a while Mima and I meet a friend, with whom we enter together in a beautiful Inner World. These rare meetings feel like a cold lake in an oasis with shadow trees in the desert of sadness.

Roland tonight is such an example, a hard working man in a factory, where all of July the temperature in the factory was above 30 degrees Celsius. He tells from his youth adventures with paragliding in the mountains.

Seacow transports  Mima's trailer with Christmas Market Hut in a new garage

I remember my first bike adventure with 20 years: Around 5.000 Kilometres through France and Spain, Paris, Madrid, the coast, the sea, up in the mountains via Andorra. There on the pass height I stopped the engine, to safe fuel - and as far I remember till today - the bike rolls downhill about 15 Kilometres.

Roland once had to land in a mountain tree 35 Metres high, had to climb down to earth, and neither his body nor his equipment had any damage. How old I feel now! These adventures risks on bike, on journeys are far, far away, more than 30 years ago.

Mima has to move her trailer into a new garage in Bamberg. That's enough work for today for us, we have to do in the first rain on last day of July. One month without rain is rare in Germany.

The night we spend together in Mima's VW-Van. Bats are around, and crickets sing. It is worth to care for life, to care better for life with all these precious gifts! BUT: These pathetic prayers never reach the ones, who kill themselves in hate explosions.