Bhagwan, first father figure Fuehrer for...

... religious retarded fundamental FashOSHOs!

This story channels the last lovers quarrels of Bhagwan and Vivek - authentic and true above the white clouds! More you read about friends, like from Veet Tom and from Kakapibear, more respected in Germany under his pseudo S.S..

My friend is in trouble, how can I help? Money could help, but who gives money? It's not part of our culture, not part of mine. I never paid for love, and I love my friend. 

I help my friend Veet Thomas with a new week end story, a mystical anti lecture from the mountains majesty. Veet Thomas is to sweet, to soft for this world. So he is bound to be a victim of Bhagwan's preaching and teaching!

Bhagwan and Vivek - in happier times

When I have been in troubles, like Thomas is now, only time could help. I had no money, I had no job, I had no girl friend, I had few friends - maybe one, two, three - all broke like me.

This misery lasted from 1971 till 1978. In my age of 30 years it was arduous, to change my life. I had to get a wife and a daughter, that this radical change could happen. From this time on I never lived a longer period without a woman. Women help much, women have changed me and my life. My ''Master, Pope and Priest'' is my woman, nobody else!

Veet Thomas lives without woman for 15 years now. Living on your own do you have to be a proud prick? 

I'm living too on my own: again a night I spend in a Volkswagen Van beside a mountain creek. Many week ends I'm on the road and escape all alone in the wilderness.

There is no culture, no theatre, no film, no book, no friend. Do you have to be a proud prick - living on my own?

I isolate myself with ''pesting provocations'', and my friend Veet Thomas learns these lessons. BTW. What can I do, when people can't enjoy my stories like I do? Living on my own is a hard healing process, to please people!

That reminds me on my cabaret songs 30 years ago. I worked for years with my heart blood, to perform this show with my wife as singer.

Our last show was in a Bavarian beer tent in a cabaret competition. 1979. Every group had 20 minutes time. After our first songs people got so angry, nearly mad about us. 

We don' t stop, but the authorities switch off the electric of our amplifier. 

My wife continues to sing, I hammer hard on the piano. 20, 30 people in the first front seats listen more and more astonished.

But the stupid, strong drunken ones gather from the back side with one litre beer pots, ready to silence us with violence. 

There is one line of medical helpers in uniform, who shelter us and our last listeners from the mob, willing to fight against us. From there on my wife had to care for our child and I had to make money, and we stopped making music.

This event was once again a hard healing process to please people!

My wife continues to sing, I hammer hard on the piano. 

Similar situation nowadays in E-Groups: the ''Generals of Guatanmo Gulag Groups'' safe their ''reputation'' and the ''honour, peace and pride'', to please their ''decent customers''.

Only very few people like Veet Thomas are provocative enough, to be rewarded with a ban by those ''Generals of Guatanmo Gulag Groups''. How can anyone without this experience of ban feel and know, what I'm writing about? For ''decent customers'' of  ''Guatanamo Gulag Groups'' my anti lectures don't make much sense.

The professional musicians, who play Bach, Beethoven, Brahms note for note, judge my songs as ''mental asylum music''. Similar nowadays some people judge my scriptures.

The purpose of n0by group gathering is ''freedom of speech''. In German history a few ''provocative'' flyers have been enough for death sentence.

The purpose of n0by group gathering 
is ''freedom of speech''. 

In German history books are burned. Powerful people ban continuously unwanted voices in chat rooms, e-groups and in commercial chats like from SPIEGEL or n-tv.

Under the flag ''freedom of speech'' people have to accept, what they want to avoid! That's hard, to hard for most. 

In ''freedom of speech'' I have to accept others like myself: isn't this the secret of life, at least one secret?

There is my woman by my side; The female energy, my Mimamai, cares for my heart and my health. I hug her tenderly, I watch her breath, when she is sleeping, I press myself under her arm, feel her soft skin and warm body, I watch her little feet moving, her curves, her feminine approach to me and everything, and I feel at home. My woman is good for me. But something strange happens: I escape two, three days in these summer weeks from her energy. Alone again a precious oasis of creativity flowers for fantasy!

Not only my friend Veet Thomas is in trouble, almost everybody is. The world is in trouble, nature, climate. But most people pretend to be happy, even when they stink from misery! But better don't tell what smell is in the air. This starts a hard healing process to please people!

It's a rainy evening beside this murmuring mountain creek in Navis, 1350 Meters above sea. In Navis I unfolded and healed my broken wings as Alp shepherd the years 1972 and 1976. 

Sexual desires made me marry my first wife 1971, who was by my side on the alp summer 1972. That was healing, but no career for a high skilled job! 

When a woman left me with another man, I couldn't stand my pain being lost in the world. Veet Thomas is used to stand alone in the world the last 15 years, but without money, without job your life is even in an industrial rich country in danger. Broke and left all alone starts a hard healing process to please people!

Nobody is an island, but many people isolate themselves. I isolate myself in an island, in a VW-Transporter. This simple motor home is like a snail house. In this snail house fantasy flowers. Existence entertains myself. It's enough, I work out with joy body and stories!

Now my second night starts in Navis beside the mountain creek. This little village in the valley Navis is my second home. 30 years ago I have worked on an Alp Hut at 1883 Meters above sea as shepherd. Today I climb again up over the clouds to this Alp. 

Now my second night starts in Navis 
beside the mountain creek. 

n0by as Alp shepherd 1976

My farmer boss from those times died nine years ago. Now his widow works there in her age of 60 years. I visit these places, where I read thick ''Holy scriptures'' like the ''Tibetan Book of Death''. All books, all knowledge goes down the drain.

Resi 2006

My memories wander back to my Munich friend Kabir or Kakapibear, the Master Disciple of another Bhagwan Disciple, Wolfgang Rudra, aka Bodhidharma or Blobdedarmwand or whatever....

Kakapibeer is one of this self styled Zen-Masters, who ''knows''. His Master Wolfgang has certified him as ''energy liberated'' teacher. This includes a mystical marriage of Inner Man and Inner Woman. The ones, who listen to the soft voice inside of her Inner Woman are wise ones.

These wise men know, that from their high point of view controvert opinions are ''sick''. Kakapibear doesn't read my fantasies. The lesser wise ones, who dive into my picturesque rich fantasy world, get angry - like the lynch mob, who wanted to silence my songs.

Wise Kakapibeer and professional story tellers, I mean Satsang sellers, have many World Masters in mind like Socrates, Jesus and Buddha Bhagwan, the purest. This Indian majestic mouth piece preached all life long ''ego-destruction'', and HE walked HIS talk. Hallelujah!

Kakapibear lives his female energy

Bhagwan's Rolls-Royces advertising show was not enough. His EGO ''beyond mind'' - at least beyond mine - was not satisfied with His Great General Gulag Guantanmo Rajneeshpuram crowded by 10.000 idiots.

There His Super-Secretary with HIS criminal Goulag Gang could easy eliminate disturbing energies - i.e. me, taking my ''Mala'' in Rajneeshpuram 09.23.1983. That was a kind of cult passport there. Thanks Bhagwan, thanks - I mean it!

This was once again a hard healing process to please people! That was a great healing session, healing from HIS people - and from HIM BTW too.

Bhagwan was not satisfied with His terror regime Rajneespuram, His ''taste-of-fascism'', Bhagwan could not enjoy His cult show more than several years with smiling silence. He enjoyed more to destroy HIS EGO creation of the ''10.000 idiots'' - fully under control of His Super-Pussies in Power.

Bhagwan could not keep HIS big mouth closed, and started again his fight against the Supreme-Power: Pollack Pope, the President of the U.S and the white rich. religious fascists.

Bhagwan always told HIS disciples, to blow up the EGO till total collapse. How could Bhagwan's EGO as Half-GOD better collapsed than in dirty and violent U.S. jails?

Bhagwan never recovered fully from this massive jail attack on HIS Holy EGO presentation.

Nearly like a homeless Bhagwan had to travel through one country after an other. Finally Mother India took back HIS lost son. HIS authority has suffered from His ''taste-of-fascism'', that enjoyed most people - but not all.

HIS best disciples like HIS Super Secretary Sheela went into jail with HIM: how can you proof better ''surrender''?

30 years later Bhagwan parrots line up from HIS disciples like Kakapibear. Above all Kakapibear praises his Master alive, the pure blond Buddha Blobdidarmwand. This guy loves to play ''door keeper'' - disguised as anonymous violent Nemo -for shitspitual circles. Both guys continue Bhagwan's work of EGO reduction: They reduce people to ''disciples'', building up themselves in EGO fulfilment - with or without Rolls-Royces. 

blond Buddha Blobdidarmwand

his guy loves to play ''door keeper'' - 
disguised as anonymous violent Nemo 

Even hard times in hospitals Kakapibear sells to his astonished audience as ''karma balancing'' - after his certified ''energy liberation''.

These kind of Bhagwan disciples, who have reached fulfilment as ''super minds'' are always right. They are totally in tune with GOD's Master Plan. They continue the tradition of Great Generals in Guantanamo Gulags. Either you agree and adore them or you better get lost!

That's the truth about teachers today. But what happened in Sannyass Cult history, when Bhagwan and his woman Vivek died?

High above the white clouds in 2600 Metres above sea Bhagwan and Vivek channel their last lovers quarrel, back in Poona November 1989.

High above the white clouds Bhagwan and Vivek 
channel their last lovers quarrel

Bhagwan could never repair fully His glory after U.S. jail. Couple of years later he feels his life energy fading away. Vivek enters his room and starts nagging:

''Again you have drugged yourself with an overdoses Valium! Are you crazy? Do you want to kill yourself?''

Bhagwan: ''Don't talk to me this way, you're my disciple like all others here.''

''Fuck your preaching teachings'', she is angry, ''I'm your woman, even you have fucked hundreds others!''

''I warn you, Vivek'', whispers Bhagwan exhausted, ''these American Fascists have finished my body with Thallium poison in their illegal jail.''

Vivek gets more angry: ''Tell your BULLSHIT LIES, whom you want, not me! You kill yourself with Valium all the time and all kind of drugs.''

Bhagwan softly: ''When you betray your Master, I get rid of you. I warn you the second time now''


Bhagwan whispers: ''You have not surrendered as my disciple. You did not take your Anti Baby Pill and forced yourself into pregnancy against your Master's plan. I gave you again a chance with your abortion for your enlightenment. Understand this as my last third warning, please my beloved!''


Bhagwan could never repair fully His glory after U.S. jail.

Bhagwan rings a bell and orders Jayesh, one of the 21 from Inner Circle, who shall run the religious biz after HIS death and orders:

''Take her personal things out of her room and send her to the other disciples. She can do more harm to our religion than all enemies from the CIA. I don't want see her here again.''

Vivek nearly collapsed out of pain and desperation. Wardens drag her out of her space. So she leaves Poona in disgust and despair.

Bhagwan orders Jayesh and asks as advice: ''You know, what to do with our dangerous cult enemies?''

Jayesh falls to the feet of HIS Master and promises to solve the problem. He follows Vivek to Mumbai and consoles her with lies, drugs and makes love to her in her desperation. In the morning he gives her a doses of heroin as present, the purest.

Jayesh returns to Poona and tells Bhagwan: ''She will not be back here, and when she will be back, she will be dead soon.''

Bhagwan praises Jayesh: ''You are my true successor. People like you protect my religion for the next 5000 years. All my true successors will profit immense from my cult! Jayesh, you are criminal enough, to be the next Fuehrer for my 10.000 Buddhas.''

''Yes, Osho, yes'' murmurs Jayesh down on his knees.

''Yes, Osho, yes'' murmurs Jayesh

''Perfect, now tell my dentist Devageet to crush out my last teeth. They contain karmic negative energies, I need to get rid, before I can leave you.''

Devageet does against all his medical knowledge and care, what HIS Master orders him. And by more medical manipulations these Doctors kill Bhagwan. That was Master's last wish. And HE fulfilled His wish only 20 days after Vivek's death.

Couple of years later Jayesh has thrown out all competitors of the Inner Circle, these 21 people. And he transfers all Copyrights for Bhagwan's ''materials'' to Zurich and New York. 

It is an open secret in Poona, that Jayesh is an alcoholic. His entertainment are virgin whores, best in children's age. Poor lovely maiden have to serve and satisfy him in Mumbai Hotels.

May this anti-lecture free Bhogwoshed victims like my friend Veet Thomas and others from their ''Guru Dream Disaster'' and their devilish imagination ''enlightenment''!

Bhagwan smiles from white clouds and twinkles with one eye. The channeling session ends with His love message: ''This are my most honest people, who demolish the religious biz - like I continuously demolished everything - even myself.''


written with love

and caring compassion!

Devageet does all, 
what HIS Master orders him.