Mondsee, Attersee, Schafberg



around 180 Kilometres

Mondsee-Attersee: bike tour around two lakes 80 Kilometres

Mondsee (lake) - Schafberg: 430 Meters up to 1730 Meters

Friday evening - my sensitive friend Thomas says after the first few sentences via skype phone: ''Your mind seems so slow tonight.''

''That's right'', I admit, ''Mind is minor, body more after 80 Kilometres on bike. Plus several young men here in the Internet Cafe in Mondsee make much noise.''

Mondsee [Moon Lake] is the name of a village, east from Salzburg, and the name of a lake too. Next lake south from Mondsee is the ''Attersee'', Austria's biggest lake. To bike around both lakes is around 80 Kilometres. The Mondsee is a bit warmer than the Attersee. The clouds didn't unload rain in this paradise.

Body, mind, heart, all  is in peace in this paradise. The mind judges everything wonderful and understands pain and suffering.

Thomas: ''Buddha, can you spend one Euro for me?''

''Seacow'' parks central in the village Mondsee. There are some parking spots around these marvellous lakes, but on most are signs: ''Camping and fire making forbidden, nature protective area.''

From the central parking place in the village Mondsee I bike in five minutes, to an Internet Cafe. I read all mails, but to write and to colour my message with pics I have neither the time nor the means.

After my simple pasta dinner with cheese I'm wonderful tired to sleep. Good Night.

6.00 a.m., a new day in Paradise! Mima calls from home, her work is going fine. People in Munich suffer under the summer heat. The temperature at the Moonlake after my bath and in the shadow of trees is ''cool''.

The air in this Paradise smells like holy days in Mother India: fires burn at the shore. My favourite meal, fish, I get in best, fresh quality possible. The name of this wonderful, little village I need to remember: Unterach. There is the best fish smokehouse in Europe! For five Euros I buy two big fish, sprout and ''Bachsaibling'', even more delicious.

The intense happiness in this Paradise hurts. Smiles on my face engrave so deeply, that nearly tears are flowing. In the shadow of Seacow I look on the green, clean waters of the Moonlake. Young couples play around open fire on the shore. Sailboats and wind surfers soar over the green fluid under the light blue sky.

My thoughts wander to my both best friends Michael aka Kabir and Thomas aka Veet Tom. Michael writes now in an encounter thread in German ( to Laleela. She was here in n0by gathering like Gene Poole. These people demonstrate excellent big minds - and from my p.o.v. - shrinking, little hearts.

Michael hammers on Laleela's EGO protection similar like Thomas, Pavitro and I did, before we gave up. Michael writes angry to Laleela: ''You are unable to take the responsibilty for your actions. How stupid, do you think, people are around you? I have enough of you. First clean up your unconscious dirt yourself!''

 More far I see and experience it: there are much more stupid people, to propagate stupidity than the rare wise ones, who fight stupidity.

 As far I see and have experienced it, dead Masters can't help, to leave stupidity behind. Books, lectures, video, Multi Media shows, films or theatre and most other entertainments, even the presence of wise ones, everything the stupid ones interpret in their bordered frame of stupidity.

 From seven years of experience Michael Kabir belongs to the rarest category of the wise ones. Michael got the certificate ''energy liberation’’; Michael's teacher is the living Master Bodhidharma.

 That German Wolfgang Rudra gave group exercise for ''Kriya Kundalini shaking one inch below the navel''.

 From this point on Michael started to melt in an inner marriage of his female and male energy, that enables Michael more and more to listen to his inner soft voice, imagined as female energy. From this intuitive source Michael Kabir connects to a surprising source of creativity. From this inner strength Michael Kabir cuts with his words through the illusions of the ones, Michael cares for, we care for us since seven years like communicating tubes. Our quarrels look from outside outrageous, but when we call or meet us, we have fun.

I would like Michael, to share here in our n0by group with us. But Michael only comments: ‘’I would throw out all these people, then close the group.’’