Harald, Brother, Uncle, Aunt, Mom - on life's stage

On the road again. 24th May, Bob Dylan celebrates his 65 birth day. My wonderful work is done 4.30 p.m.. The crowded high ways leave space enough to drive 500 Kilometres in five and a half hour. That's not bad.

This spring visit I travel alone to my old, old Mom and her sister. My woman Mimamai sells again asparagus Friday and Saturday. Thursday is a public holiday, called ''Father Day'' or ''Christ ascend to heaven''. So I have four free days ahead!

Thursday after my job I finally rest at 10.00 p.m.. The small village is next to high way, called Zierenberg. In the one and only pub in Zierenberg I even can get a beer before the night. 

Stars shine, the night temperature falls down to 5 degrees Celsius. The heater in the Seacow Motor Home works fine. With some noise isolation the fan of the heater murmurs discrete. I'm happy in Mima's marvellous Motor Home! I'm just waiting to sleep with some last news from the short wave radio.

Friday morning 6.00 a.m: the streets are fine, the streets are free. The last 150 Kilometres the car runs as fast as possible. 

Just right in time I arrive in Bad Laer: Old Mom, old aunt sit at their breakfast table. So we meet again like many times before and are happy again. 

The bath nearby her little pension refreshes my body after the drive. The air is 10 degrees Celsius only, the water in the pub is 24 degrees Celsius. Steam ascends in the cold rain above the pool

After this bath my cold feet are delighted, to warm up in the hot air form the gas oven fan. In a Motor Home I feel everywhere at home. 

My 90 years old Uncle arrives. We all celebrate the birth day of my old Aunt: 82 years old.

Rain, rain, rain for days. 

From Bad Laer next 150 Kilometres to Dortmund: There lives my younger brother Ulrich, a teacher and singer since 25 years in a Reggae Band. He helps, to finish last wood works in the Seacow. His wife Heike prepares huge fish for us. We spend a happy time together. 

Next station of the voyage is one hour drive to Muenster. My friend Harald from students day is unemployed since decades, his brother too. Harald works as Choir leader from low budget for workless people. Harald gets 1,5 Euro per hour. Harald loves this work, and writes his own composition. 20 Years ago Harald was tenor to my accordion play. That was fun too.

Juergen, Harald's older brother, has my age. They perform several songs in the concert together. There name: ''Brothers 20th century''.

First we sit together and share our experiences. Harald lives with his friend in a new apartment, where musicians are welcome. The old house is build 1901 with solid walls and fits perfect. Isn't it wonderful, how beautiful existence cares for all of us?

The organiser of the music and theatre event calls himself ''Bang Man'' (www.meinefresseclub.de). The performance starts in a wine and beverages hall. The greatest part of the audience comes with Harald, who has build up a choir of 13 unemployed people.

It's very touching, to listen to an old Cabaret composition, I wrote 25 years ago: ''The song of unemployment''.

I wrote this song, when I failed with all my studies in the University in Aachen. Unemployed with a little  money, without other things to do I gave on all my furious, young energy, to write songs on my old piano. For several years many hours a day I trained piano music of composers like Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, Czerny etc. 

The refrain from my ''song of unemployment'' 1978 Harald performs with his choir: ''Shall live the job, shall live the job, shall live the joblessness!''.

Filled with these touching memories I leave Muenster and arrive in Bad Laer at midnight. Just in front of the public pool I sleep some short hours, until the pool opens at 6.00 a.m. 

With the first swimmers my body recovers from another 250 Kilometres Bad Laer, Dortmund, Muenster and back. The car is filled with seven big cartons from my old Mom's household. She doesn't need these costly crystal glasses, dish with golden border and silver spoons and forks anymore. Mother spends her last years in these little pensions, where she gets all meals ready made.

Now these seven cartons I drive Sunday  to my daughter Esther and her friend Ingo, who will start their way, when my old Mom finishes hers - generation circle completed again. All these items are soaked with memories of my childhood and youth.

The marvellous Motor Home Seacow runs in full speed over the dry Saturday high way. Trucks rest for week end in huge areas next to the endless rolling high way traffic. The maximum speed of 180 Kilometres per hour needs total awareness, because the high roof is sensitive to side wind.

After few hours drive I meet my daughter in Nuremberg, unload seven big cartons with the treasures left from my old Mom. Finally we relax both in the Sauna Thermal bath Hersbruck with long friendly talks of deep mutual understanding.

OZAY maybe enjoy, to write to another lovely Swami Bodhi Heeren in the chat board of Pramatha? The address: www.sannyasnews.com

Absorbed in real life games I have neither time nor energy and not a DSL connection, to play at this chat bard.

Watching my Inner TV and writing what's on this screen in- and outside, it's enough entertainment. Yes, Guru Rasa is right, that males adore females in flesh as mirror of the divine. Is this similar vice versa, males could ask females in love.

In my older age with an established relationship with my Mimamai since 10 years, it's enough to be in balanced peace.

Only e-mail quarrels go on and on and on. A Satsang-Guru like Maitreya enriches n0by group gathering with his life stories from diving deeper from Samadhi to Enlightenment and EGO loosing by Karma balancing via severe sickness and Opening of the THIRD EYE etc. pp.

My mind enjoys these entertainments like the song of the birds in may, the sound of the falling rain drops and like the sound of the smooth breath, feeding my blood with oxygen.

Isn't life a mystical wonderful voyage?