Nuremberg - Ingolstadt on bike

Finally the ''Sea Cow'', Mima's VW-Transporter, I drive to Ottensoos - near Nuremberg. The Mechanic-Guru builds up our next, new Motor Home. The naked VW-Transporter will be ''transformed'' into an ''enlightened'' Motor Home.

Friday from Munich

Our nice, young Mechanic-Guru asks around 8.500 Euro to ''enlighten'' the truck. The ''enlightenment equipment'' gives the simple truck an immense growing horizon:

nice Mechanic-Guru

- high roof SCA 462 with one cosy meditation bed space for Mimamai
- two windows in this roof let flow the divine energy
- a heater, gas-oven ''Trumatic E2400 Watt'' cares for cosy sheltering atmosphere
- 5 Kilo Gas
- two flame gas cooker with washbowl provides tea for the Zen Ceremony and rice food
- two canister store 15 litre fresh and 15 litre grey water
- a meditative, calm foot pumps fresh water to the tap 
- Two lamps with 21 Watt enlighten the rolling home in the dark
- plus one lamp in the kitchen 2*8 Watt
- electric sockets for 220 and 12 Volt provide Media-Connectivity with ENLIGHTENED BROTHERS and GURUJI SISTERS
- by four windows downstairs the divine energy can circulate through this rolling enlightened home
- On the back we can pack our two bikes.

Gas-Oven with washbowl

30 Millimetres thick ''X-Trem-Isolator'' keeps the harsh cold world outside. The wooden planks downstairs provide at night a second bed. During day we can sit. 15 centimetres over the ground floor are planks for the second floor. Below this second floor we can store paddles or skis. All these planks we can remove. So Mima uses our very personal enlightened Motor Meditation Home as her Christmas Market truck for working meditation.

The Mechanic Master builds up this our mystical Sea Cow in a beautiful, little village in the country side: Pommelsbrunn. This is 30 Kilometres away from Nuremberg, where my lovely daughter lives.

May flowers unfold in an abundance of beauty. All winter sorrows and e-mail quarrels fade far away in the caring kiss of Mother Nature.

My daughter in Nuremberg prepares asparagus. I brought this noble vegetable from Mima, who sells this in her market hut at the side of the street. These hours with my daughter we both enjoy tremendously. She is - like my Mimamai - a Great Guiding GURUJI.

Saturday 6.00 a.m. I trample my 20 years old bike the long way home to Munich. At 7.00 a.m. I leave the big city Nuremberg behind, enjoy as first morning customer a breakfast at Burger King. Then I fight my way against wind over sunny hills and shady valleys. 

Saturday 6.00 a.m. I trample my 20 years old bike 

12.00 a.m. a soup with bread refreshes my body in Thalmaessing, already 40 Kilometers away from Nuremberg. From Thalmaessing I drive little roads 12 Kilometres to Greding. Don't know how far I will make it.

Tired in Greding I need to take a short sleep on a park bench. Next 9 Kilometres to Kinding in the most beautiful ''Old Mill Valley'' beside the river hinders a hard headwind to drive. Totally exhausted the next short sleep rest is necessary in Ibling, an old village on the Left Bank of the ''Old Mill Valley River''. 

Finally after 9 Kilometres more to Kinding I rest with an ice coffee. From Kinding the way directs 12 Kilometres in windless valley to ''Biberg''. From there the first signs show the direction to Ingolstadt - only 15 Kilometres left.

Finally after 13 hours travel tour I reach the train station in Ingolstadt. The train to Munich just waits on the rails. I carry my bike in the train, sit down on my hurting ass, pay 16,90 Euro for a ticket and arrive in Munich 7.24 p.m. The last 7 Kilometres from Munich train station home I ''rush'' in half hour only. At 8.00 p.m. at home Mima welcomes me with fresh food - asparagus again.

crossing Donau in Ingolstadt