Eastern in Bamberg is real

Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom. One week in an holiday apartment with TV but no web connectivity. The world outside floods in and through me via TV and newspapers. Same procedure than every year. Time tendencies strengthen war cruelties. What's seen inside, is watched outside. Life changes into sickness and death. Inevitable. Who wants to bring some light, some meaning into this eternal loss?

Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom. Bamberg with tradition from the Middle Ages attracts tourists from all over the world. Who searches for some meaning in the slipping away lost life?

Old thick people with wrinkly arses gather in pubs to swallow brown beer. Waitress in black carry white dishes with fat dead boiled pork pieces to the dark wooden tables. Sound and smell of greed and gain incorporates in these people. Most old and ugly.

Newspapers report, to bomb better next eastern country Iran, before Muslims built up atomic weapons versus Christians. Crash of culture.

In quick fleeting way I scan hundreds of mails in n0by gathering and other groups like from Sarlo, JodyR, Rasa, Eric, Bob Rose and Alton.

Same greed, gain gathers everywhere. Wrinkly old arses of polite or pest playing people try to anchor themselves in a ridicule flood of meaningless mind activities. As observer of this stream in my lazy holidays the stink of these mind molesting hypocrisies is hard to stand. The best answer in most quarrels? Silence!

In a sleepless eastern night my brain, my being can't hold the poisonous pollution inside anymore. To unload my mental machine from influence inside outside will bring up more stinking violence. Parole? Fill fuel in the fire! Existence has no other remedy for a warrior of truth. Less war more silence. But silence is seldom.

Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom. Bullshitting fantasies of war time cruelties. This holiday week rain never ends. Meetings with Mima's family, her father's birthday: 81 years. Her nice, the flowering 16 years old daughter of her older sister wants a new bed. A bed for two. For hours in this Swedish Super Store IKEA the thick week end newspaper feeds my fantasy with world wide war report. Black eastern clouds threaten with much more rain. Signs in the sky smell like clouds filled with blood! 

At least hypocrites priest peace pretenders celebrate flattering word floods to escape reality! Ramana, Buddha, Bhagwan, Jesus, Mohammed... the spiritual Super Store of farting fantasies for dumbness disease advertises organized mass praying culture: ''Lord forgive us our sins! And kill our enemies first! Amen!''

Mima's VW-Transporter-T-5, latest generation is one of the quickest truck on the high way. Six gears guarantee high speed of 160 Kilometres per hour. The price for one barrel oil is increasing constantly and will never fall again. 8,5 Diesel burns Mima's machine - earth energy lost for ever. One litre Diesel Oil costs 1.13 Euro in the moment, 70 per cent taxes. Aeroplanes burn oil tax free. 

Politics, prices, people mirror mental insanity. Newspapers report global growing sickness. Peace priest praying politicians bless murderous mass bloody suicidal psychopaths. Sport reporters jubilee for the winner in the box ring: ''Hurray, killer instinct wins!'' The partner in play looses blood, money, attention.

Hollywood movies advertise American hero dreams of smart smiling killers.. Morphine mentality of suicide soldiers dream to free fuel resources. Chinese, Russians and Indians politicians don't buy the propaganda of freedom for Christians mass destruction weapons and western terms of trade.

The oil clearance sale of bribed oriental power players pays playboy models for pleasures like skiing in ice halls under the desert sun. Earth energy pays the price. The price is paid in blood money. Priests pray for the victims of violence. Smile sells hypocrisy.

Ghetto kids culture their bloody violence with gangster rap. Females feel fine, to invite mediocre machos, to fertilize their bodies for the next generation. Time tendencies ask for more macho weird warriors. Extended killer instincts survive. Females find pleasure to cook, to breed, to cultivate - but for winning ones only.

Whiners are wankers. Who can't get his fingers on a trigger of a machine or money gun masturbates in anonymous mails. Mediocre mind mentality asks for guidance and leadership of sulky slime selling smiles. 

New Age Priests pest Hallelujah Enlightment E-Satsangs - digital Amen! Please pay digital attention and lick out your Digital Guru's vomit basket in devotional mood! 

Mutual ovations for inferiority complexes of mediocre mind manifest with cries like: ''Tits UP! Dicks UP! THINK POSITIVE!''

Hallelujah, Gurus sell happiness: Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom. Worship your Guru from Stone Age to New Age and worse than bogus: everbody is everbody's Guru Darling in the cuddling peace pretending disease. 

Pump silicon in shrinking boobs. Pump up genitals with Viagra. Advertise campaigns brainwash for burning desires - satisfied by death only.

Cleaning out my mind toilet. Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom. Hellelujah! Amen! Karma Erbarma: karma have mercy on U.S. in general - on Germans in special!

Weird western warriors sell parts to produce atomic bombs for rioting Ayatollahs. Inch' Allah - will Birds Flu have mercy with us? Will a killing disease solve our miseries earlier than mass psychotic murderous slaughterer?

Eastern in Bamberg is real. Blabla brings boredom.

Face in Forchheim