Cloudless Chiemsee, a better reality

Jeeva (Chennai, India) inspires me with his touching words (msg 26877): ''Can all of us work together for better reality taking the group from bitter->better->butter stage.''

Yesterday, Saturday, my Mimamai and I, we take our bikes in Mima's new, white VW-Transporter, her  ''Seacow''. After one hour drive we arrive in the splendid sunny morning at Prien, Chiemsee. Chiemsee is the  biggest lake in Bavaria - called ''the Barian Sea''.

From morning till 6.00 p.m. we drive on bike around 70 Kilometres in this sunny spring paradies. Afterwards we visit the Thermal Bath Bad Endorf.  There we swim outside in 34 Celsius warm water. We watch the sun going down with  red glowing fire works. 

Totally relaxed, happy and with filled life accumulator we drive home and sleep dreamless. Now, Sunday morning, it is raining once again.

This brilliant sunny day after these depressing winter months of cold darkness, the last melting snow, the singing birds, the pittoresques flowers give us an unforgettable glimpse ''for better reality ''.

''Birds Flu - locked area''