Lindau, Duerrheim: Old Mom

Words don't flow free - some greetings to the group in the effort, all words are written: to understand myself a bit better.

Strange things happened to our free n0by-group gathering in the moment, where Rasa enriched the photo-section with her valuable insights in female mysterious marketing:

- the group is now a ''restricted area''. Whatever that means, whoever has switched this electronically judgement. Who knows? I don't!

- The second surprise was a hilarious movement of members: 30 more people enriched free n0by group. 

The question: will these people be more than just silent numbers? Who is ready, to show up alive? Who brings pictures, shares feelings, likes and dislikes?

Who is ready, to show up alive?

People like Jeeva, Eric, Alton, RASA, Jeffeji or Advita ponder about meditation and gossip about esoteric from Samadhi, Sakshi to enlightenment.

Others - like Veet Tom - advertise new business, sell books with poem-collection or lessons to quite smoking or to play better gulf. RASA offers videos and other devotional items, to promote WOMAN THOU ART GOD.

The group's web-domain fills archives with 1.000 of letters and 10.000 of pictures. This collection is called ''purification plant'', and the free, uncensored n0by group sharing is called ''Cyber Church''.

From many strange experiences I know, most misunderstand mockery, because everyone understands only that, what is inside a bordered horizon. For me there's no doubt about, whatever people write, think or advertise: this n0by group gathering serves as ''public rest room'': everyone is invited, to empty bladder or bowel.

The infinite patient time has always cleaned up everything after a while and will continue to clean up, what has polluted and programmed most  mind and will pollute and program minds in future. The mind pollution program can be called ''School of Enlightenment or Meditation'' or ''Cyber Church''. Have ''money making cults'' or ''scientific believes and convictions'' any other purpose, than to control, to pollute and to program victimized minds?

whatever people write, think or advertise

What is TRUTH?

Has mockery, cabaret and humour any other purpose, but to de-program fixed convictions of believing minds? What is TRUTH? Truth i.e. are facts, that all food is digested from colourful, artful, tasting vibrating material into a brown, bad smelling low vibrating mess, an attraction for flies.

Beautiful bodies, inviting males with sweet promises for the next generations time will ''transform'' or ''digest'' into old, wrinkled, shrinking muscles, floppy flesh and bent bones. 

What will remain after death from corpses? Death cults conserve corpses from Egypt Pharaohs, and till today religious fundamentalist believe from goal oriented, greedy minds in ''Eternal Life'' or in ''ever enlightened painless peace of paradise pleasures''!

My mind collects in our purification plant own and others contributions. Are simple facts of life to hard to share? Do we need to advertise more funny fantasies? Greedy for elevating enlightened enrichments?

What food have you digested today? Have rain, sun, full or new moon influenced your body, your cells? Did you walk, drive, climb, dance, kiss or swim today? Have you met some people, felt alive, flattered or offended?

Are you looking for ''friends'', to find flatteries? Or are you ready, to check, what is felt as ''offense''? Do you escape from offences, to seek shelter? Shelter in flattering concepts of Churches and Religious, you believe as YOUR truth?