Mima has a new Summer job!

Mima just got a new summer job!

Dear Readers,

my Mimamai and I, we are real simple people. My Mimamai  got as graceful gift from existence, not to care much about Blablabla attacks from my mediocre mind-mouth-mill.

My Mimamai knows - like my beloved little daughter - , that I hold to her, that I care for her in reality. But words from fantasy are easy said and written. Therefore words don't mean much - at least not mine, my Mima knows. When will other people know as much, my bit blond Mima knows?

On Friday we travelled together in the grey, snow-cold Bavarian country in direction to Augsburg. There Mima got in a tiny little village a new job for the summer: she will sell in a little hut at the side of the road fruits and vegetables.

Her season starts end next month. First she sells asparagus, next are strawberries, followed by blueberries and the season ends in September with the sale of rasberries. She will get eight Euros/hour plus health insurance. And so we are very happy, because Mima wants work and has searched long, long enough.

We both are not qualified for higher spiritual works like my friend Papajeff from Portland/Maine - now as Saint alive Jeffeji resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

We both are not qualified for
higher spiritual works like my friend Papajeff

Nevertheless with great thankfullness finally all these continous efforts of such Great Gurus like Papajeff, Ozay and RASA have educated my German pigheadedness towards more understanding and smiling silent acceptance and adherence! A bit sadness mix in my smile, when a spiritual professional like Papajeff adresses me:

''nOby neither comprehends common sense nor cosmic sense, but I just have fun.''

But my heart is unburdened from sadness, when my friend Papajeff has fun and may even find customers from our n0by group gathering for his spiritual offers!

And for sure my heart enjoys and my mind is enriched from all these freely given lessons of precious people, who care, still care, for my education. Unfortunatly untill now the efforts of my parents, teachers, Gurus and women haven't been very successful. Maybe my friend from Paris, Eric touches me deeper with his followers from his energy-intensive new group Castratphobie?

Thanks Eric for this quote of an anonymous stronger power than mine, but unfortunatly my bladder isn't designed to obey any power! What can my poor bladder do else but to empty the yellow floods, when time is ripe?

''the same democracy that has allowed him to piss on this place as soon as we opened has also empowered one of us with a stronger will than mine to delete the said message;''

Germans have not yet such evolved democrats, I'm afraid to admit! Most Germans still suffer from democratic deficits and can't control the need to piss! My bladder is still in such primitive mood like maybe from lower caste Indians, who piss, where they need to piss!

But please, my Indian friends, don't feel offended by my observations from my last Seven Holy Pilgrimages into your Blessed Country of Enlightenment Education! Can't my Indian friends see, how the Indian Enlightenment Market has enriched US-Gurus like RASA, Papajeff and even now our Swedish friend Ozay?

n0by neither comprehends common sense nor cosmic sence

My cherished friend from Paris, Eric, adviced or asked in his humble fine French diplomacy:

''people say, please speak softly in a library is that too much to ask?''

Has anyone an idea, what ''Library'' my friend Eric is talking about? Or can my friend Eric explain? Maybe Eric cherishes his Castratphobie group for awful attention appraisal as ''Library''?

Sorry, my infinite patient readers in our free n0by-group-gathering, can you forgive my severe judgements? May this our free n0by-group-gathering serve better as ''Mental-Hospital'' for ''madness to chains'' - another of Eric's beautiful expression - or ''Comfort Station''   for ''overflowing bladderns''!?

Thanks for all you blessed Guru alive, who still help to raise up the niveau of our n0by-group-gathering. My straight stubbornness needs nothing else for the freedom-of-speech and the freedom-of-art :

All are welcome in this freedom, to advertise for higher goals like French Democratic Urinals in Eric's Castratphobie-group or what free last resorts ever, people wanna be buried alive or burn the ones alive, they don't ''like''!

n0by likes and loves everyone !

(who contributes time and attention in a free-speech-environment)

''people say, please speak softly in a library is that too much to ask?''