Bridges are broken

Sad thoughts forces my fingers to fever: Some day this weary winter will be gone. Finally the spring will come, before cold claws of sadness extinguish shrinking flames. Do you know: Bridges are broken?

Heavy trucks brush aside grey dirty masses of snow. Again police has entered Paris Sorbonne Univerity like in the year 1968. Then I was 20 years old only, experiments with women and drugs started. The last solid connection bridges myself with opposite gender: Mimamai. Otherwise? Bridges are broken.

Have you met the Buddha on your way? Have you killed this obstacle to free yourself? Have you met a friend on your way? Didn't she left you alone, to let you down in utterly helplessness? Didn't you know: Bridges are broken?

Whom do you trust? Have you tested this trust? Who ever dares to test trust, will know: brigdes are broken!

Any new nice theories here around, to pimp up my mind with priest-prostitutes politics? NDS - NaziDumpSociety? Any new Guru on stage to teach tender theories? Willing and able to realize here-now, there-then: BRIDGES ARE BROKEN!